Burnout Paradise: How to Make a Next-gen World

Criterion's Scott Harber on just how the art team built Paradise:

"Looking back on the production of Paradise City, I think our biggest challenge on the world team was that of discovering what "next-gen" actually means. From the outset, we knew what we wanted to achieve from a gameplay perspective. We have the large world where you can drive to anything you can see, we have more shortcuts and stunt routes than any other open world, and we run at 60 frames per second. But what does a "next-gen" world actually look like? More specifically, what does Paradise City look like? In the space of five Burnouts, the world team has modelled well over a dozen US cities. If Paradise City were just a high-resolution version of those, it would have been a failure. We started Burnout Paradise roughly two years ago, and one of our earliest tasks was to answer these very questions."

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MK_Red3907d ago

There is a really big problem with Paradise city that I just noticed: The lack of people and human beings makes it look too lifeless and ghost like.
Hope it doesn't hurt the gameplay experience. Burnout FTW.

MaximusPrime3907d ago

im not really interested in people. i think it will ruin Burnout.

I'm really looking forward to the demo next week and the game.

MK_Red3907d ago

I completely agree with you that Burnout is better without people. What I meant is that with the new game being an open world one in a huge open city, it may feel kinda deserted to play in a huge town with no people. The people in city may indeed ruin Burnout.
It was just my feeling about the huge but unpopulated city. It felt kinda like a post-apocalyptic world at times. Still, it's Burnout and it rocks :)

MaximusPrime3907d ago

i see that you are also a hardcore Burnout fan.

If you have PS3, i will challenge u at Road Rage or a race. ;)
Feel free to add my PSN ID.

I was almost a pro on Burnout 3 and 4 online games.

MK_Red3907d ago

Thanks. I'm insanely in love with Burnout games and have played all them for countless hours from Legends to Dominator. I even bought Revenge for 360 even though I had finished the PS2 version.

I was never a Online player with Burnout but hopefully it will change for me with Paradise. Hope to see you online in a crazy Road Rage :)

Korosuke3907d ago

no driver but people on the streets, it's wierd.

aiphanes3907d ago

I will see you on the road!

Fighter3907d ago (Edited 3907d ago )

If there are people in those environments then gamers won't be playing the game properly. They will run over pedestrians instead of other vehicles and youtube will be bombarded with clips of pedestrians getting annihilated. But don't you worry because GTA IV will come soon too and that game is mean't for killing people ;)

Burnout is going to be so much fun. Just wait till I bash your cars to tiny little pieces and get achievements for it. In fact, there are more achievements for the PS3 version than for the 360.

I hear the demo will be online. See ya there.

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Korosuke3907d ago

take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are prety take me home~♪

Shaka2K63907d ago

Put the xbug 360 verson to shame hahahahaha.

PS3 FTW!!!!!!!!!