Best Xbox 360 RPGs of 2011

OXM: We've devoted tens of thousands of our finest words to Bethesda's sub-Arctic wonderland, and with a piffling few hundred collective hours on the clock, we'd happily devote tens of thousands more. Skyrim isn't just a great game - getting rid of sorrier Oblivion dynamics like universal enemy levelling, stripping out classes so you're not constrained from the outset, and delivering a combat system that, while imperfect, is easily the series' best. It's also a fascinating one. Even now, a month after we published our review, people can't get enough of it. It's a game built for the internet, crammed full of sharable titbits, broad and pliable enough to give rise to millions of unique anecdotes.

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scrambles2546d ago

This year was one of those few yrs where almost no good rpgs came out other than skyrim

death2smoochie2546d ago

So Witcher 2 was not good?

Torchlight 2?

Dragon Age II?

Star Wars The Old Republic?

Skyword Sword? (it's a combination of action and RPG)


Xenoblade Chronicles?

DeusX (yes it can be classified as an RPG)

All those games are FANTASTIC RPG's that came in 2001...So I have NO idea what you are talking about....

EVILDEAD3602546d ago

After I get my life back from Skyrim..i'll restart Dark Souls again and finally get to play Deus Ex..but not until I restart Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 complete with all the DLC all before buying Mass Effect 3..

Life is good

jdktech20102546d ago

To be honest, I played about 6 hours of htis and haven't touched it since. I did hte same thing with Oblivion so maybe I'm just not an open world RPG guy like this.

It's obvious it's a massive and extremely detailed world which is incredible but I personally don't think it would beat ME3 as best RPG on 360 (yes, it's classified as an RPG) for me if ME3 had come out when it was supposed to.

Only my opinion of course