Star Wars: The Old Republic contains zero mentions of midi-chlorians

GamesRadar writes: "The quickest way to bother a Star Wars fan (besides attempting to make them watch the Christmas Special) is to bring up "midi-chlorians," the advent of the prequel trilogy that attempted to science-ify the Force. They're just an awful, lazy plot mechanic, and one that shouldn't be anywhere near the franchise. Naturally, with the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic, which is said to have 60 man years worth of writing in it, we were worried that they would show up somewhere. Maybe in a random conversation. Maybe in a lore codex. Maybe scribbled on the wall of a Cantina on Mos Ila, who knows? "

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bwazy2548d ago

Since it happens well before the first two games and the actual movie series, perhaps Midichlorians have simply not been discovered yet?

ECM0NEY2546d ago

SWTOR takes place 350 years after KOTOR 2 and 3,500 years before the Battle of Yavin(1st death star).

2547d ago
Kran2547d ago

Wasn't Medi-chlorians mentioned just once in the film franchise? :/

Motorola2547d ago

Yeah episode 1, they said Anakin had a high midichlorian count. That's it.

Kran2547d ago


so... why is this topic even important? :/

Its like:

"Oh. That sprite can was used in The Lion King. Why isn't it in The Lion King 2?" lol

LettingGo2547d ago

Dear Bioware,

Kill George Lucas. Buy the franchise.

All Star Wars fans

admiralthrawn872547d ago

i may have agreed with you when Kotor came out. However, even though i enjoy TOR, it doesn't have an ounce of the star wars vibe you get when watching the old trilogy, reading the heir to the empire, new jedi order, any of that. The "star wars" feel is completely absent.

admiralthrawn872547d ago

i'd say the ones that disagreed probably have never read an EU star wars book, or is just a die hard bioware fanboy

Tenkay232547d ago

Seriously some fan boys piss me off. Here I am thinking they would care about the gameplay and story, instead they want to know if midiclorins will be mentioned? Like wtf, who cares?

If the game entertains you and adds to the star wars lore than who cares?

Just enjoy the game fanboys.

Btw, they guy who said kill George Lucas is a total moron.