The Elder Scrolls Story In 2 Minutes

Gamerant: Considering the amount of gamers who have spent the past few weeks neck-deep in some dragon-slaying with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, confusion over the vast mythology of the series to date is likely at an all-time high. Four sizable chunks of mythology and lore precede the story and characters of Skyrim, but playing through the previous games to truly grasp the quest of the Dragonborn is out of the question. So instead, a video has surfaced online detailing everything a player needs to know, provided they’ve got a couple of minutes to spare.

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MasterCornholio2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

And thus the dragonborns quest ends with a reception of an arrow to his knee.


TopDudeMan2543d ago

I've kinda been wondering since oblivion what the elder scrolls were and it's a little disappointing that they aren't actually important.

admiralthrawn872543d ago

its mainly that the whole timeline is foretold through the elder scrolls. typical fantasy prophecy shat. prophecies ruin fantasy stories, because they kinda spoil the ending.

but yeah i wish the elder scrolls were more prominent. you get to steal one in oblivion...yay...and you get to watch a lame cut scene with one in skyrim....awesome.

digitalkid2543d ago

If this guy tells a story of WW2, it'll be a "they wanted to kill Hitler but guy shot himself". It's just a tiny scratch of a real Elder Scrolls story.