Small update for Skyrim 1.4 patch

GamingIE: With Patch 1.3 for Skyrim almost two weeks old now we thought it was about time that we saw how Bethesda were progressing with the next one. We can now tell you that it will just be a small update for Skyrim 1.4 patch, but it’s about quality not quantity here. We should expect to see this go live in January, and from what we are told things are going very well indeed.

Thankfully Bethesda have listened to the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim users and now know what they need to fix the problem, we just hope they can deliver, as things could turn ugly quick if not. However, they do say on their Forum that they have worked tireless on the framerate/lag issue and now say that they have a fix for it – so they must now be in the testing stage.

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nix1893d ago

They used to give big updates but then they took an arrow to the knee.

RowSand1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

i used to be a gamer like u, but then i took lot of patches to the ps3

PixlSheX1893d ago

Hope they do fix the freaking framerate issues. After a skyrim session of 3 hours or so game is almost unplayable. I choose to stop playing because i'm too scared of freezes and loosing save games.
PS: No, i'm not subscribed to Plus

Vip3r1893d ago

Installing Skyrim atm. Can't wait to play it. :D

xer01893d ago

Downloaded from the STEAM sale last night. Just finished customising my character.

Playing Dark Souls and Saints Row 3 all at once :D

aawells071893d ago

Good times huh? I hope you enjoy Skyrim. Merry Christmas.

admiralthrawn871893d ago

so many updates. at first glance you want to think "oh amazing customer support!" but really its.."oh so its true, they released a beta."

pandehz1893d ago

I feel for the PS3 users.

Hope it gets resolved real soon.