PS3 Exclusive "Tokyo Jungle" still ALIVE, to be released 2012!

In 20XX mankind fled the Earth leaving animals behind to rule the streets. It’s a lion eat fox world on the streets of Tokyo where you help a Pomeranian dog fend for itself. That’s one of the storylines in Tokyo Jungle. Maybe you heard of it before? Sony announced the PlayStation 3 game back in 2010.

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Chaostar2546d ago

Totally forgot about this game, looks absolutely insane, I like it.

Micro_Sony2546d ago

WTF... I hope this is not the Sony fighting game that was being hyped last month.

I want Sack Boy vs Kratos not Elephant vs Lion.

nightmarex1212546d ago

That game is called title fight and its made by superbot entertainment team.

GribbleGrunger2546d ago

wow, that looks really BAD. keep this exclusive in Japan please.

Bundi2546d ago

Lol. Kinectimals HARDCORE Edition.

Snookies122546d ago

The hell did I just see...?

SixZeroFour2546d ago

was the dog getting into doggy style position at 1:23?

Snookies122543d ago

Yeah... That kinda... Well, I can't unsee that now.

Alabaster2546d ago

Another Ps3 exlusive? Happy gaming!

kane_13712546d ago

exactly, another exclusive added to the already long list of exclusives

GraveLord2546d ago

Who needs Kinectimals?
We got Tokyo Jungle baby!

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The story is too old to be commented.