Gritty Reimagining of SUPER MARIO BROS. Player Select Screen in Unreal Engine

LOT: "Evey wonder what Mario and Luigi would look like in the Unreal Engine? Well, here’s a awesome gritty re-imagining of the player select screen for the classic video game Super Mario Bros. Jump in and wonder no more!"

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the_fox002545d ago

Wow they look pretty...scarey.

the_fox002545d ago

scary, thank you. The spellcheck does nothing!

blumatt2545d ago

That's awesome. I would definitely play Mario again if they did this. A gritty, mature take on Mario could be a killer app for the Wii U. I'm not kidding.

blumatt2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

Umm, did I say something wrong? lol I really would play this if they made one like this. I actually might get a Wii U as long as they price it right. And by price it right, I mean $299, or maybe $350. I won't pay $400 for a Wii U. But yeah, this is a cool concept for a new Mario and a way for Nintendo to grow the franchise with its fans.

mynameisEvil2545d ago

Yeah, but that's still pretty badass.

Though, Mario looks like he'd collapse with all that sprinting and jumping he has to do...

kaveti66162545d ago

He could lose weight throughout the game.

morkendo232545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

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Soldierone2545d ago

I actually have a different program that picks up tons of hidden virus things and it also alerted me about it....

moparful992545d ago

mine did the same thing.. Thats crazy, I hope people listen...

LastDance2544d ago

Fantastic art direction. So much personality in this screen. They look scary and sleazy but the music lightens up their personalities. I would play that game!

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lionelglitchy2545d ago

mario hd on the wii u now thats what i'm talkin about

Snookies122545d ago

Man, they are beautiful creatures... I love Luigi looking around like he's got drugs on him or something...

Ninjamonkey822545d ago

Hell i hope they keep working on that lol :) That looks great.

SweatyFlorida2545d ago

They look really good, but they could do without the over the top design style. Too stylized and polar opposite of the real SMB for my taste.

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The story is too old to be commented.