HaloRadar: Bungie reveals why their bonus pack is must play material

Games Radar writes, "Tired of Valhalla? Getting a bit bored with The Pit? Not to worry. Less than three months after the game's release, Halo 3 is due for a major expansion. Earlier this week, we gave you a tantalizing glimpse at the three new multiplayer maps - Standoff, Rat's Nest and Foundry - with over 30 explosive screens."

"But with the downloadable release still days away (December 11), and costing a fair chunk of change (800 MS points or $10 US), we wanted more information. What exactly are we buying here? Steve Cotton, Multiplayer Environment Artist at Bungie, spills the details."

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BloodySinner3792d ago

I don't care what Bungie says. I'm not paying $10 for just 3 maps.

wil4hire3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )


razer3792d ago

Can't wait to see all your bubbles gone soon troll.

You pay $50 A YEAR and you play a hell of a lot more than just Halo and the unified gaming service alone puts to shame the other console online services.

Don't you have some DudeRaider to play or a Blu-ray movie to watch?

@#1 - Agreed. Am not going to pay $10 for 3 maps.

Lacarious3792d ago

Anyone that shells out $10 for 3 maps is retarded.

BTW - I'm still waiting for the answer to "Bungie reveals why their bonus pack is must play material"

All i saw was a dude talking about the 3 maps. How does that equal must play material? And how is it a bonus pack when you are paying a healthy fee for it.

The BS Police3792d ago

Lets look at the facts, a ticket to the movies costs $10 and thats only for two hours.

These maps will give us months of enjoyment, so therefore the $10 is worth the price.

DrPirate3792d ago


Damn man. You're right. I never thought of it that way.

Movies ARE a rip-off....

Damn...(I'm not being sarcastic in the least bit either) 10 bucks for two hours is bs.

Lacarious3791d ago

a 12 pack of beer costs $10! Beer is a rip off too!!!! How long does it take to pound beer? um... er... about an hour. so yeah... it's a rip off!!!!

$10 for 3 maps is stupid.

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Lygre3792d ago

Can't wait to play football on Foundry =D

View attatched image.

Shaka2K63792d ago

Suck a$$,
im glad they kept that generatic trash POS xbug 360 exclusive, and its only a matter of time before it drops best on PC.

xbugs keep paying to beta testing those games Hahahahahahaha.

Led Zeppelin3792d ago

What are you smoking? I beta tested Halo 3 for free, champ.

Also, is English your first language? generatic? to beta testing?

The spell check button is so close to the add reply button. Is it really that hard?

AnimeRaven3792d ago

Just so we all got this right. We are going to pay 10 bucks for maps that were not finished yet so couldn't be released with the game? Heck we already paid 60-120 depending on what version you got. Isn't that enough dang. Give the people the maps already. Download packs should be lower priced if anything. If I remember correctly didn't they do something like this for Halo 2? I could be wrong on that so don't quote me on it.

Lacarious3791d ago

M$ is becoming a greedy azz BS company!!!

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