Call of Duty 5 back to World War II

From "Those of you who enjoyed the latest Call of Duty's modern-day approach may be saddened to learn that Treyarch (the dev team responsible for three, and, who will quite possibly end up doing seven) is taking the series back to World War II for the fifth game in the series."

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Grassroots3820d ago

first thing that came to my head!

whoelse3820d ago

About to say the same.

Couldnt they do something in the middle east like the golf war or something. I dunno.

PS3PCFTW3820d ago

damn. modern warfare is awesome. why would they go backwards?

JsonHenry3820d ago

I am WWIIed out! Give me the Korean War, Gulf War, Vietnam War, SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Hell, I would actually like to see the Idependence or Civil War. They have a lot of cool stuff in those time periods. The Civil War could be pretty damn awesome too.

brocool3820d ago

Lol.. I feel the same way.. something different would be cool.. but i dont know about the civil war lol.. standing in lines and shooting at each other hoping you survive.. then taking ten minutes to reload your musket.. I just dont think it would work

chester3820d ago

it's a damn good thing that the CoD4 multiplayer is going to be around for a hell of a long time. i guess this move, along with treyarch, just means that the CoD4 matches will never run dry.

but damn, way to kill a good thing. although i would love to see IW get their hands on a CoD WWII multiplayer after what they learned from CoD4.

diMwitted3820d ago

just think of the reloading minigame possibilities!

FF7numba13820d ago

and call of duty 3 sucked. No1 wanted to play it.

n_n3820d ago

Halo was my fav FPS since it released... that was until Infinity Ward amazed us all with CoD4 and that game put the silly green suited pink alien fighting faceless dude far from a best for me now....

but hearing that CoD will go back in time really sucks... i've never played the other WWII CoD games because i'm not big on WWII or it's history or scenery/weapons, etc.

guess i'll sit this next sequal out... being the fact that it won't be IW doing this... i don't think it can outdo what IW has done with this amazing game called CoD4:MW

stunt2133820d ago

No!!!! then i prolly wont buy it cuz i am sick of WWII

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Winter47th3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

Treyarch? WWII ? a fine recipe for another letdown, will skip this one then, would rather wait a couple'a years for a COD done by Infinity Ward than what seems like a hit-milk-it-repeat.

Damn.. just when you thought IW resurrected the series from the disaster that is COD3 comes those who &*#% it all up again, see ya'll in COD6 then *Sigh*

EXPLICIT213820d ago

The Treyarch developed CoDs suck ass. Can't wait til' Nov of 09.