Gamerevolution: Best Xbox 360 Exclusive 2011

The final part of any successful trilogy is almost always impossible to deny. It is the epic finale of the COG's journey through the pale, dilapidated dystopia where the answer to every problem usually involves a chainsaw. Here, we expect to mourn the deaths of our comrades, though we many not want to, but we also celebrate their victory (finally) over the Locust. Beneath the manly war cries and muscle-bound testosterone, Gears of War 3 treats each of its protagonists as more than just cliché soldiers, though they may seem and act that way at first.

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MizTv2548d ago

boy thats a hard pick. with like only 4 i just dont know

death2smoochie2548d ago

With a Avatar and name you use, it's hard to figure out WHY you even came into this Xbox thead....

iistuii2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

But even if i add all the PS3 exclusives I've played this year into the mix I'd still pick Gears over all of them as my GOTY. Quality game, 4 player coop campaign excellent MP & amazing Horde mode makes it the best overal packaged game I've bought it years.

otherZinc2548d ago


Its a shame this great game got shut out of a GOTY nomination.

I just finished the dlc & about to run it back on arcade mode.