No More Uncharted 3 DLC, Updates Until 2012

he Uncharted dev has no plans to launch any new patches or downloadable content until the new year. According to the update, the earliest that we’ll be seeing any more post-launch support will be in January though a “hard date” has yet to be set.

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Waffle2549d ago

I didn't think it would take that long to rehash Uncharted 2's levels & skins.

Chaostar2549d ago

Welcome to N4G we needed another one like you /s

Dante1122549d ago

"According to the update, the earliest that we’ll be seeing any more post-launch support will be in ******!!!!January!!!!***** though a “hard date” has yet to be set."

QFT, Chaostar.

_Aarix_2549d ago

What are you talking about? Ive rarely seen someone make fun of uncharted. Its the other way around.

FPSRUSSIA2549d ago

there also talking about patches to there wont be any intil 2012

Dante1122549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

Lol, until January 2012 (week - two weeks away), FPSRussia.

Bobets2549d ago

it takes MW a year to reharsh previous COD game.....

Ron_Danger2549d ago

They already said this earlier in the week and it was already posted on n4g... And the reason for the delay is because it's all new content, not just U2 map updates

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Nitrowolf22549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )


Good thing January 2012 is a little over a week away

I really hope we get some exciting New maps and not just reskin or re modeled versions of the old ones. I like them, but I feel like they should have been freed to start with if they were just planning on reusing old maps layouts

Shmotz2549d ago

What happened to the map pack that was supposed to be released?

mab6362549d ago

no update or dlc until next week? What the hell naughty dog! honestly how does this type of news make it onto the we are gonna have "twisted metal to not have any DLC until at least 2 weeks after launch!!"

J86blum2549d ago

I wonder if they are going to release skins that makes them look like their PSVita counter-parts.

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