Capcom: Third-Party Exclusives Still Viable

With hefty development costs and no single dominant leader in terms of installed base in this console war, the third-party exclusive seems to be a dying breed.

But there's still room even in today's industry for third-party platform exclusive titles, according to Capcom, as long as the title uses the hardware right and costs are reasonable.

"Exclusives are driven by gameplay functionality and cost," Fajors told Next-Gen in a recent phone interview. "If you get your gameplay functionality and costs right, exclusivity can work."

Capcom remains a big believer in multiplatform development, nonetheless. The game maker recently made waves by announcing the Xbox 360 million-seller Lost Planet is now on its way to PS3. Devil May Cry 4, once considered a big exclusive for PS3, is now also on its way to Xbox 360. A wide array of other publishers have brought franchises that were platform exclusive in previous generations across multiple platforms.

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Naruto3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

oh the irony capcom

fe103881d ago

Dead Rising was fun.

Sevir043881d ago

may be considering it as a console exclusive... LOL!!! it's funny really i think capcom has really changed the their personal veiw. alot of gamers percieve them so much more different

PS360WII3881d ago

If they did SF4 exclusive it would only be max for 6 months. No way would they limit the sales of that title.

It's true though as far as exclusive games go. Dieing breed it is not.

socomnick3881d ago

I believe Capcom should determine if the games they made exclusives sold better than their multiplatform titles and then maybe decide exclusivity.

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The story is too old to be commented.