Nintendo: Keys to Sustaining 3DS Momentum in 2012

To say Nintendo had a strange 2011 would be a colossal understatement. Following dominant years with Wii and DS, the company kicked things off in March with 3DS, the impressive handheld with glasses free 3D, only to fall short of its one-month sales target of four million units. This ultimately led to an uncomfortable series of events that resulted in a surprisingly low stock price currently hovering around the $17 range, President Satoru Iwata taking a pay cut and a price drop from $249.99 to a more reasonable $169.99. Then, things dramatically turned around.

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Buff10442545d ago

I predict great things for Nintendo in 2012.

donniebaseball2545d ago

3DS should be just fine. In the long run it probably won't have the sustained success that DS had, but it'll do well enough for Nintendo.

jacksonmichael2545d ago

Nintendo... You've still got a console on the market, too, eh?

dredgewalker2545d ago

Ninty's gonna do well in 2012. With the Vita now out it's gonna get more interesting to see how Sony and Nintendo outdo each other.

Matrix2k2545d ago

lets be clear, the first fiscal year wont be over until march

Before that they still have ff rythm, kingdom hearts, resident evil, kid icarus, tekken, and more.