SuperSintendo - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Review

"Ocarina of Time, the game that started a revolution to videogames. The tale of the Legend is back in 3D, and I was certainly jumping up & down in joy because of it. Ocarina of Time easily wins over any best game debates, as it is arguably the best game ever in videogame history.

Replaying the game again after so many years is very refreshing. Thwarting Gannondorf’s plans to take over Hyrule is a great achievement of fist pumping in the air, and crying of the ridiculously hard temples such as the Forest temple to name but a few. It’s great to see the greatest adventure has been remastered in glorious 3D."

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Jirachi2546d ago

I know some people dislike remakes but this remake is truly great to me.