Videogames trumping DVDs in Q4

Susanne Ault reports for Video Business on 12/7/2007. Highlights from her report:

• Halo 3 is estimated to have sold about 2.5 million copies, topping first-day sales approximations for Shrek the Third. Transformers, however, sold more - about 4.5 million DVD copies in its first day.

• Bob Geistman, senior VP of sales and marketing at Ingram Entertainment, predicts many consumers can't afford both hit games and DVDs and are likely having to prioritize their shopping.

• Geistman says studios are becoming cognizant of the fact that they need to plan their DVD releases around games to avoid unnecessary cannibalization.

• Video Buyers Group (VBG) president Ted Engen says Halo 3 is the best-selling title, period, among game and DVD releases.

• If current trends continue, Engen expects many VBG members will swap out catalog DVD shelf space for videogame space.

• Comparing fourth-quarter 2007 with the same 2006 period, VBG games sales/rentals are expected to climb 20%, and DVD should lift about 5%.

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