GGC's Gears of War 3: RAAM’s Shadow DLC Impressions

The Great Gaming Crusade: "With Gears of War 3 so far getting a pretty consistent series of new updates and DLC, no one expected the latest new add-on, titled “RAAM’s Shadow”, to be anything short of brilliant. It’s safe to say it delivered on everyone’s expectations, and then some. Not only offering up a whole new mini-campaign which offers insight into Zeta squad after E-day, it fulfills a deep wish of anyone who dreaded him in Gears of War 1; kicking ass and leading from the frontlines as the gargantuan General RAAM himself. Also containing multiplayer characters (Zeta Squad, RAAM, and Black Theron Elite) and the stylish Chocolate weapon set, this is one DLC that gives ‘til it hurts."

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