Rockstar Releases More GTA 4 Screenshots

Following the debut of yesterday's trailer, Rockstar has issued a new batch of Grand Theft Auto 4 screenshots depicting scenes not shown in the video.

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Gamingisfornerds3821d ago

However, I'm dying to see some actual gameplay footage. But I get the feeling we won't get any untill the game releases atleast.

Oh well, atleast they acknowledge that the fans need atleast something to keep the hype alive.

Can't wait for this game, definitely my most anticipated game of 2008.

Hooded Vendetta3821d ago

Yea Me2, Dout we will see any intil the frame rate is at least close to fixed. Nice to see R* releasing some decent quality screens :)

Gamingisfornerds3820d ago

I remember the previewers got to see the game a few months back and they did say that the game was very unpolished and there wasn't much going on, on screen.

This time around things should be progressing a lot better, but I doubt it's running smooth yet. I guess the trailer is choppy because they simply haven't gotten everything in place yet (optimized etc) and took the poor framerate for granted when putting together a trailer from the ingame engine.

That said, I think the game won't end up running completely smooth anyway. The previous GTA's were pretty choppy as well so let's just hope this time things will be better, hopefully atleast no extreme pop-ins.

But indeed, untill it runs atleast somewhat acceptable, I don't think we'll be seeing any ingame footage either.

Bill Gates3821d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

You know, I'm really trying to get back to being excited about this game, but the truth is that after DL the new trailer from the PSN, I'm realizing that Rockstar is (NOT DELIBERATELY) shafting the PS3 owners on this amazing PlayStation franchise.

I say that because the trailer just looks like Rockstar is really holding back on the looks of this game just so they can develop it for the BABOONBOX360's DVD9 crap.

Seriously, the game looks a little better than San Andreas, and now Rockstar is giving us this?...I'm not sold on this game just yet, and this is coming from a huge GTA fan.

STUPID BABOONBOX is really starting to agitate my gaming experience....AAHHAHHAHAHAHA

Is it wrong of me to wish that I hope every BABOONBOX360 in the world EXPLODES, and that pieces of the shiet hardware smack Peter Moore on his HUGE forehead for putting together a system that would limit developers with what they want to archive?

[email protected] Pooped Vendetta - Drink my man juice you BABOON. It's my opinion and I'm sticking to it. If you don't like it go be a fanboy somewhere's else you BABOON....AAAHAHAHHAHHA

[email protected]

"I wouldn't expect anything more than 30fps @ 720p"

You've just earned the trophy for the BABOON of the year. If you think you'll be getting 30fps @ 720p on the biggest sandbox game ever in full HD using DVD9 technology, you just OWNED yourself you MORON.

Halo 3 = 640p and that's not even sandbox game.

Ass Effect = Chokes on its own vomit and that's an RPG.

I swear it's like you BABOONS really DON'T use your brains. Rockstar needs to hold back on this game because of the 360 limitations. No if ands or buts. Hence rumors are already starting to spread about it's 5th installment being exclusive to PS3 along with L.A. Noir(or whatever it's called).


Hooded Vendetta3820d ago

Dont learn do you, grow up kid.

Arkham3820d ago

Oh my ckuf, please stop your ranting/trolling.

Now that that's out of the way, I don't think Rockstar is intentionally gimping either version (harddrive streaming aside). This is *the* sandbox game of sandbox games, so I wouldn't expect anything more than 30fps @ 720p. As long as they can fix the popup and slowdown issues that has played the series with its last engine, I'll be happy.

I'm really looking forward to more cross-platforms games that--like COD4, Burnout:PC, and hopefully GTAIV--show that both systems can be on par with each other given sufficient development time and expertise. Cross-platforms games should unite gamers, not divide them.

IGNFTW3820d ago


LSDARBY3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

lol, Porsche in pic #2

ddldave3820d ago

i guess gta4 is coming out for the ps2 after all. is there any screenshots for ps3?

kevin11223820d ago

lol, that was a pretty funny comment.

Coffin873820d ago

keep em comin, rockstar!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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