1UP previews Devil May Cry 4

1UP checks out the PS3 version and a new area.

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sonarus3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

whoa!!! 1up admits ps3 version looks better wow completely shocked. 1up also says it plays better on ps3 controller cus of the triggers and bumpers didnt expect that either. Some games i jst can't play well and DMC and ninja gaiden will definetly be among them. 360 may be more balanced over all thats a matter of opinion but for me ps3 controller is more ideal for games like these. And fighting games too cus 360 d pad sucks ballz.

hahaha @power of green devil may cry looks better than ninja gaiden II apparently lol. Maybe you can tab both screenshots and move between em really fast.

MADGameR3881d ago

So there you have it ignorant 360 fans. PS3 version of DMC4 looks better! This is the thing about 360 fans, if the multi versions are better on the PS3, they come out saying ''oh this game is short anyway or this game sucks anyway or its nothing compared to Halo 3!'' Let go of your pride for once! XD

eagle213881d ago

Nice 2008 start for PS3!

TeaDouble_E3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

Report LOL PS3 IS JUNK LOL for using offensive language and for being off topic !

TheXgamerLive3881d ago

The ps3 version had atleast 1 year head start on the development of this game, so don't worry the Xbox 360 version will still come out looking better at it's release. It always does.

And control wise, well that's a matter of opinion, I personally hate the ps controllers, they suck especially the D pad, but again just a matter of opinion, I'm guessing whatever console you adjust to you prefer that controller.

DemiseofPandas3881d ago

If you've ever played a devil may cry game you should know that the d-pad is strictly used for menu shortcuts.

DrPirate3880d ago

@1.5 Please don't tell me you just chose the 360's shameful piece of broken plastic of a D-Pad over the PS3's.

It's one thing to have a controller preference, that's ok. But to outright lie and say you actually LIKE the 360's d-pad? Wow.. You must be batsh*t insane.

Also, place all the excuses you want. For all those years of having better 360 version rubbed in my face. I'll give it back for once. DMC4 PS3 is the definitive version. I bet most 360 fans won't even pick it up, do you guys even care about DMC series?

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Naruto3881d ago

1up admits ps3 version looks better wow completely shocked

rofldings3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )


Make way; Make way ...

Here comes the xbot damage control team.

sonarus3881d ago

why you gonna copy paste my comment. thats annoying:(

gamesblow3881d ago

I'm not a fan and I can look at it thru unbias eyes... This game will play just like DMC3 and look like it in Hd. That's my take... I'm waiting for it to prove me wrong.

Also, DMC games are super short... I can't wait to see how the short factor plays out here. I'm sure reviews are going to be super easy on the fact it's 7 hours long, but Uncharted and Heavenly sword got bashed for it. Uncharted, by the way, is a 10 hour game... not a 7.

Gears of War, Bioshock, Halo 3, COD 4 ... All games that can be beat in 7 hours and under, yet get 9's and 10's and not a word slanted at how short they are. Whatever...

okcomputer3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

Its an action game, so of course it will play just like the others, and theres nothing wrong with that. God of War 3 will probably play just like the others in the series also, and I'm looking forward to it. Theres really only so much you can do with these action games without screwing up the central formula that makes them great in the first place.

Also theres NO WAY IN HELL Bioshock can be beaten in 7 hours. If you even think that, then its obvious you've never played through the game, and have no basis to critique the scores.

Danja3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

DMC3 had an amazing figting engine..if they make it better for happy...and as okcmputer said..GOW3 wil have most of the same combos..and fighting sytem and I wouldn't have it any other long as they implement more combos on top of the older more magics..and better weapons im good..the story will kick no need to worry

DemiseofPandas3880d ago

Devil May Cry games are relatively short, but they give a lot of incentive to replay harder difficulties, such as costumes and infinite devil trigger. Like Ninja Gaiden the games don't feel like you are necessarily playing through it again, because of the difference in AI and Damage, as well as the placement of end game enemies earlier in levels. They do a good job of balancing the difficulties to prepare you for the next one. At least to me it makes the game feel continuous, and definately gets a lot of replay from me.

pwnsause3881d ago

YES although the game is multiplatform, the PS3 version is still superior. plus it plays better. I've been a fan of DMC for a long time, the reason why I brought a PS2 in the first place. i dont care if this game is AA or AAA, im still getting it.

Blademask3881d ago

After Power Of Green,The Round Peg,BLOODMASK,Zhuck, and First Knight get out of their Xbot weekly meeting... there is going to be hell to pay.

(gets popcorn)

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