Unreal Tournament 3 preview by 1UP - Comparing the PS3 & PC versions

1UP previews Unreal Tournament 3 and compares the PS3 & PC versions of the FPS.

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HarryEtTubMan3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

This is gonna break in my neW ps3 REALLLLLLLLLLLL good.

No they don't dumb, ENVIOUS XBOT... they say is is substantially slower than the PC version... because not everyone on PS3 plays with Keyboard and mouse. DUUURRRR. Stop hating on the PS3 because your system is a defective disaster. YOU WISH YOU HAD THIS GAME SO BAD XBOT.

LOL PS3 IS JUNK LOL3939d ago

One of the first sentences they say includes "frame-rate issues"

W A I T B 3 Y O N D

marinelife93939d ago

Think of how many copies Epic will sell once someone makes the Gears of War mod.

I wonder how easy it would be to move the assets from the PC version of gears into the Unreal editor?

mikeslemonade3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

To me the faster the better because if you're getting shot you always have a chance, but in COD4 if you don't have juggurnaut and your getting shot in the back you're dead. I think they should have made it an option for PS3 to have it slower or the oringinal speed. Most people will end of using mouses anyway to try to gain an advantage and espcially the higher rank people that will play basically every day. Screw the casual guy.

gamehendge3939d ago

"One of the first sentences they say includes "frame-rate issues"

its fine, they didn't mean Mass Effect type frame-rate issues.

sonarus3938d ago

no pc runs at 60fps while ps3 runs at 30fps no issues jst pc version has a faster framerate. would be really funny if 360 version ran at 60fps. we would really have a fanboy frenzy over that.

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Winter47th3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

With UT3 on the PS3 and its Mods and Mouse/Keyboard support, the only thing that's comparable is the graphics of a 2000$ PC to a 400$ console, both running at 60FPS, both look nothing short of an amazing eye-candy, those factors alone puts this comparison to shame, so seriously, what's there to compare ?

Kudos to Epic's dedication for the Console-owners community and Sony's open network.

Arkham3939d ago

Actually the PS3 version runs at 30 FPS, but it's gorgeous nonetheless.

Greysturm3939d ago

But then again who knows the developers might be lying to us :)

sonarus3939d ago

since when did unreal engine games run at 60fps?

Winter47th3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

Arkham it's already been stated numerous times the PS3 version runs at 60FPS, search on YouTube for 'Unreal Tournament 3 for PS3 Developer Walkthrough Video'.

dexterwang3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

Actually don't mean to sound rude, but unless ur an utter retard buying pc off a scammer or another retard, you can get UT3 on highest with 600-700 bucks

x1950pro 130$ can play on HIGHEST at 1280x1024
E4300 90$ can be OCed to 3.2ghz, freakin fast
P5k PCI-e MB 120$
250gb hd 60$
DVD, sound, case, power, everything else 150$
OH what thats only 550$

And WHAT? pc monitors = 300$? and hdtvs are 800-1500? Oo

I have all consoles and luv them all... but I can't stand ignorant people who can only prove they know nothing, absolutely nothing about pcs... and don't even deserve the one they are typing on

edit: lol 6 disagrees because I stated a few facts... denial much?

Azures3939d ago

u dont buy an hdtv just to play games. you buy it to play games, watch hd movies, and hd television.

hd life ftw.

sonarus3939d ago

at winter 47th am gonna check the developer walkthrough again but i honestly dnt remember the 60fps but am gonna check again. If its 60fps cool nice to see unreal engine games running at 60fps.

dexterwang3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

Thats not my point, if you had nothing to start with, you'd have to spend more money entering the console arena... ofcourse once you've got an hdtv its relatively cheaper

Also the focus is the false interpretation that to game for pc you'd need more then 1000-2000$. And @ people who like to scream but but but you need to upgrade every year... you don't HAVE to upgrade every year, only if you want to play the game at max max max, which is a luxury for the rich... the videocard i mentioned x1950pro will last you 2-3 years and if games that requires better video card comes out, you wouldn't be able to play them on consoles anyways

I respect other people's opinions, but don't report false facts as truths

Lastly, staying on topic with the news post, PS3 should run the game very very well... the magic of UE3 is that you can run it beautifully without amazing speed (for pc) PS3 should be able to handle it like butter

Arkham3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

While I'd love for that to be the case, Mark Rein has said several times that though it was running faster on some floor demos, it was going to probably end up being locked at 30fps.

From October: "Rein confirmed that Epic's aiming to have the game running at a steady 30 FPS on the PS3."


You search. There has not be a definitive answer on this since Rein said "in the final game they’re going to lock frame rate at 30fps and you’ll be so happy playing the game, so thrilled with how amazingly it all comes together".

I'll be happy to have that detail at 30fps, but of course I'd love to play it at 60fps if they can sufficiently tune it. I'm hoping that their recent silence on the issue means they've managed to squeeze out a few more frames/sec.

edit re: below --

It *has* run at higher framerates, but the release version is on track to be 30fps locked. I'll still hope for 60fps, but the verifiable info that I've found doesn't give me much faith. :)

Winter47th3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

Sorry my bad, it's the wrong vid but it's been confirmed a while back that it runs at 60FPS, google it if you doubt it though or we can all wait for the reviews stating it couple'a days from now.

Vulcan Raven3939d ago

It states it runs at 30fps and 720p. If you look mark rein says it runs at 30fps on ps3, and 60 fps on pc.

Percy3939d ago

You have no clue what you are talking about.

4me23939d ago

You forgot memory. 2GB would be nice.

If overclocking you either need better case or extra cooling fan/heatsink, maybe better power supply.

What about OS/Windows. Do you own full ver. or you got pre-installed on your previous PC.
What about good gaming keyboard and mouse, speakers???

tikku3939d ago

Dexter, you can hook up a PS3/360 to a comp monitor pretty inexpensively...dumbass. :P

dantesparda3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

Im with ya man! But you're wasting your time trying to explain this to these [email protected] ignorant fanboys who cant understand anything other then what their [email protected] preconceived notions are. The fact is that you can get a PC for $500-800 that'll SMOKE! the consoles, the 360 can barely even trilinear their textures (looks like they are always using "bri-linear"), none-the-less anisotropic filter them or even AAx4 them, while running at both lower res'es and framerates than the PC with those features turned on (most 360 games run at 30fps with alot of them running motion blur, this framerate is considered the absolute lowest acceptable framerate on the PC, its considered "low-end"), and the PS3 is fairing even worst then the 360 (a supposed weaker system, yeah ok, they are essentially the same)

Both the 360 and the PS3 use In-line processors, a technology so old, that is hasnt been used in the PC world since the Pentium Pro way back in 95. Way to go 360 and PS3 for catching up to 95 technology. They both use 128-bit buses from the graphics processor to the RAM which in the PC world is mid-range to low-end specs. And if that wasnt bad enough, the 360 actually has to share that bandwith with the CPU "accesses" to the RAM, making it even worst still. Any self respecting PC enthusiast wouldnt settle for anything less than 256-bit and even that is considered low by todays PC standards. And then the 360 has asynchronous L2 cache, anybody that knows anything about the PC, knows that "asynchronous" cache speeds is far worst to synchronized speeds, and it runs at HALF the CPU's speed (so it runs at 1.6Ghz) cuzing mad latencies. And if that wasnt bad enough, the cache is only 1MB shared amongst 3 cores! while that may be fine if you are using 1 or 2 threads, thats pathetic if and when they ever use all 6 threads.

Anyways, i could go on and on, but its Friday night, and i got some drinking to do to get ready for the club, so Im out b1tches!

dexterwang3939d ago

@ percy: So I dispell the myth that you need thousands of dollars to buy a gaming pc and list a bunch of recommended parts and I have NO clue what I'm talking about? Ironically the other way around ain't it?

@ 4me2: I did infact forget the ram. But right now 2gb ddr800 ram is only 35$. check it out at if your in canada, great deal
Lemme spell out the parts for you: DVDRW 25, Ram 35, Case 50, Power 45, M/K/speakers assuming you have it already considering your probably posting from a computer... so total = 150$ still
If you want to OC, feel free to add a custom cooling fan for your CPU, case doesn't matter much, you can get a good one on sale for 15$
Also note a lot of these components you should already have, so its even cheaper still

@Tikku: I'm not saying you should get a pc just to play UT3 DUMBASS, I'm trying to tell alot of console gamers here that won't accept the fact that you DO NOT NEED OVER 1K or even 600$ to get a nice gaming rig!

@dantesparda: Yeah people can't take in fact they can't get over... but I'm not saying consoles are slower than PCs... remember PS2 only had a 300 something mhz processor? but it still kicked ass in a ton of games. Some games, ie. fps, rts, MMOs are suited for PCs, while some games like RPG, Adventure, Racing and Sports are more suited on consoles

dantesparda3938d ago

I agree that this batch of consoles isnt slow, but i disagree that they are as fast as high-end PC's, none-the-less mid-range PC's. See the problem with the PC is that by being such an open standard, developers always have to develop for the lowest common denominator. Meaning that even though your PC may have alot of power in it, they have to develop for it like if it was a PS2 or a Xbox1 to account for the lower end PC's out there, therefore hindering its true power/potential. And even though they rely on the pure raw brute force power, its still not fine tuned/streamlined for that hardware the way it is for a console. Hence the greater results out of the inferior prouducts inside the consoles. But if someone would develop specifically for that than imagine the power of a 8800GTX or GT in comparison to whats in these consoles now

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Sez 3939d ago

PC version hands down.

Greysturm3939d ago

They actually said the ps3 version is better :)

The only advantage i see in the PC version is the mods tools but since i suck at programing i think ill prefer the ps3 one :)

sonarus3939d ago

pc version will definetly be better they only say ps3 version is better cus its a little slower so less chaotic. However most unreal fans appreciate the faster gameplay however i prefer it slower cus all that chaos cnt necessarill be good.

moses3939d ago

Of course PC is the better version, but people like to be ignorant.

Winter47th3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

Now that sir, is nothing more than trolling, the ONLY, reasons PCgamers used to prefer PCs over Consoles is because of the Mouse/Keyboard support and the ability to mod the hell outa their games, now with UT3 on the PS3, the gap between a PC and a Console is hardly to be argued about anymore.

Saying that, no bubbles for you mister.

NRG3939d ago

That's not entirely true. The Unreal franchise has always been a perfect example. UT players (along with Quake, Painkiller, Wolfenstein players, etc) have always been obsessed with not just modding, but completely tweaking the crap out of their games. There's a lot of stuff outside the game, such as legit modifying of game files, that you simply won't get to do on the PS3. You can't access the game's files on PS3 unless you have some experience up your sleeve. It's really nice once you've become and avid fan of the game.

Not to mention, if you want to get into map making, just open the editor in the game's System folder and minimize to Epic's forums to find the answer to just about every question that you could ever think of. And trust me, if you have no experience in level design, you WILL be lost. That or you'll be figuring things out on your own for quite some time. Time that can be used making maps!

Greysturm3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

1) A HALO MOD: Just to see the reaction from bungie and microsoft but especially xbots (i wonder what Halo would look on 1080p :P)
2) An RTS MOD: That resembles endwar just imagine the posibilities for example starwars (Squad A advance on the jedi temple!)
3) Next gen counterstrike and other awesome mods that later became games
4) ETC... anything thats impressive or cool in any sense :)


Guys question if Gears of War for the pc is made with the unreal engine could i export objects and information from it into the UT3 mod design tools? (Critical question if so will i be able to export it to ps3?)

Arkham3939d ago

"1) ...i wonder what Halo would look on 1080p"

Actually I wonder what it would look like at 720p. (Upscaling aside, the game will be running 720p native AFAIR. Whether that's "true" 720p or really "640" 720p, who knows. We'll have to wait until Beyond3d gets its hand on it. ;)

Bonsai12143939d ago

i'm not going to lie. if they made a halo mod for ut3, i'd dl it the first hour its posted...

NRG3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

"Guys question if Gears of War for the pc is made with the unreal engine could i export objects and information from it into the UT3 mod design tools? (Critical question if so will i be able to export it to ps3?)"

I don't really know how the mods are actually getting to the PS3 as I haven't really been following that, but meshes, textures, and probably even entire levels from Gears of War can be implemented in UT3 on PC if desired. Or vice versa. They were built on almost the exact same version of Unreal Editor in almost the exact same way. Just two very different games.

nimrod3939d ago

that was the first thing that came to my head when ut3 mods for ps3 were announced, would be really cool if a gearsmod was possible

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