Why You Should Be Open to New IPs

It's understandable that gamers are excited about sequels, but in a fall season where the only big sellers were sequels, there seems to be less room for new IPs in the mix. However, as a gamer, you have to be open to trying new things. Here are five reasons why:

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zerocrossing2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

It's always nice to play what you know you like, but we just don't get enough new IP's and when we do they are usually just clones of current popular titles/franchises.

It's understandable that some devs are weary of creating new IP's, given that the diversity of many current gen gamers play library ranges from CoD, to CoD, and yeah you guessed it more CoD, needless to say some gamers need to step out of their comfort zone and expand their genres.

Sad fact is, we get a fairly decent amount of new IP's that end up being ignored in preference of a already well established AAA game/franchise, e.g. games like Dead Space, Uncharted and Assassins creed wouldn't be where they are now if gamers chose more popular titles over supporting lesser known ones.

NukaCola2552d ago

This is why I am big fan of PSN/XBLA. Smaller developers take bigger risks and have more freedom for creativity.


These are some examples of amazing games that come from small developers who dream as bug as if not bigger than the AAA guys.

And for the record, I didn't get COD. I saved my money for Uncharted 3, Zelda and Skyrim.

-Alpha2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

Totally agree. Don't forget handhelds either, as well as the PC indie scene

EVILDEAD3602551d ago

No disrespect to the author but the fact is new IPs arrive and are played by gamers every year. If you really had to go all the way back to Wi Sports, Assassins Creed, and Call of Duty then youve CLEARLY missed an entire generation of titles.

It's crazy how people disregard games like Rage, LA. Noire, Bulletstorm, Dead Island etc. as new IPs for 2011

Xbox Live and PSN are literally filled with new IPs.

In fact, not onlyhas Bastion received a ridiculous amount of praise, Associated Press ranked it #4 of the best games of 2011. (over MAJOR retail titles)

Games like Shadow of the Damned get little press but you had critics give the game a great score.

What people don't understand is it's hard for Publishers to green light risky projects in this day and age. Studios are shutting their doors after years of good work over one new IP that didn't generate sales.

But, again gamers play games and my point is new IPs have always been a great part of it.


snipes1012551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

L.A. Noire was the best selling game in May, shot straight to the top of the charts in the UK while also becoming the fastest selling new IP in that region and even managed to sell 58,000 copies in Japan. L.A. Noire was by no means disregarded. Rage also sold well, though I would hardly describe that game as "new" beyond it's engine considering that its game play mechanics brought nothing new to the table at all.

I agree with you on Shadows of the Damned though. I took a chance on it and loved it, though I haven't picked it back up since I beat it :/

I think another problem that these new IP's have that isn't pointed out as often is the release dates. Look at Rayman Origins. What in the hell were they thinking releasing it in November? Right in the midst of the CoD's and Skyrim's and the Assassins Creed's? They never gave it a chance doing something like that. Beyond Good and Evil was released around the same time in 2003.

To give these new IP's room to breathe, the publishers need to wise up and drop them in the late spring and summer months, when it is a relatively dry season for new video game resales. Yes, video game sales aren't as high in these months but your smaller game will have a better chance of catching people's attention when it isn't sitting next to the latest AAA shooter.

theonlylolking2552d ago

This gen has gone on to long. So sequal after sequal keeps coming out. I hope EA, activision, THQ, ubisoft, etc... bring us tons of new ips for the first 3 years of next gen so we can have some whole new games to play while waiting for their big ips(rainbow six, COD, etc..) to come out.

dinkeldinkse2552d ago

Most of them are not Spiderman 3 bad, but they still suck.

Sub4Dis2551d ago

no idea why you have 8 disagrees and 1 agree. are there really retards out there that thought Spiderman 3 was good?

RedDead2551d ago

While spiderman 3 doesn't hold a candle to the first and second, it is hardly the worst film going. It's slightly below average

Matrix2k2552d ago

blame the creators for getting lazy. Blame the mindless buyer drones.

Blame everyone

Pikajew2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

There are so many new IPs this gen but they are not as popular as CoD

People make like we never get a new IP but we always get new ones
Professor Layton
Wii series
The witcher
Dead island
Gears of war
Mirrors edge
Assassin creed
Batman Arkham asylum
From dust
Super meat boy
Dungeon defenders
Orcs must die
Dungeons of dredmore
Cthulhu saves the world
Binding of isaac
The conduit
Dead space
Little big planet

The list goes on

dark-hollow2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

add to that:

mass effect
heavy rain
alan wake
mad world
no more heroes
lost odyssey
left 4 dead

and people say this gen lack new IPs and originality...

maniacmayhem2552d ago

Thank you, I'm sure more could be added but everyone gets the point.

It's funny how people forget just how many new (great) IP's came out this gen and just focus on *ahem* CoD.

Half-Mafia2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

The only problem is in 2011 the new IP's almost dried right up and 2012 isnt looking any better. i can only think of 1 game for 2012 and thats Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning. The most underrated new IP of this gen is Mirrors Edge, i loved that game. DICE Mirrors Edge 2 + Frost Bite 2 DO IT.

Hawkhunter122552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

Been waiting for a Mirrors Edge 2 since 2008. Not only that but Bayonetta deserves a worthy sequel too.

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