Is the future of games retail a digital one?

One day, we’ll wake up to find that console manufacturers are the sole point of distribution for the games on their systems. The only way to buy a game for your Xbox will be from Microsoft; the only store for PlayStation games will be a Sony one. It won’t simply be that every game can be downloaded or accessed digitally, but that it’ll be the only way to buy games. This has wide-ranging consequences and raises a number of interesting questions for the industry in the years ahead.

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s45gr322552d ago

Same old bs files are too big, developing countries lack broadband speeds, blah, blah, blah. LBP can be bought on the PSN store, El Salvador already has broadband speeds plus is doable to use skype. Digital distribution is here to stay.

Hicken2551d ago

Agreed on accident, which has never happened before.

Digital distribution isn't going anywhere, per sé, but it's not the NEAR future of gaming in the slightest. It isn't even about DEVELOPING countries: here in the US, trying to download every game could very well take months. My PS3 library is down to about five games, but that's still a hundred gigs+ of info. Between bandwidth caps, DL limits, and games like Call of Duty selling millions on day 1, it'd take forever to DL games.

And if you're grabbing more than one game at a time on release day?

And if the game SUCKS and you want your money back?

LBP exists as a hard copy that people can actually try before they buy; very few download-only games on console have demos, especially not games that have full retail versions.

There's just too many issues to work out for digital distribution to become to default way to acquire games within the next twenty years.