Resistance: Burning Skies Preview | CheatCC

Bringing the console shooter to the handheld market, Burning Skies tweaks the Resistance formula.

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remanutd552546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

sony didnt even mention my 2 most anticipated titles in the launch window line up
Motorstorm RC and Resistance Burning Skies , cant freaking wait !!!!!

Abash2546d ago

That's because Resistance: Burning Skies isnt releasing near launch, the developers said they want it out by Summer 2012

remanutd552546d ago

how about Motorstorm RC , Little Big Planet and Ruin ? didnt they say they were gonna be a launch window titles and now they are nowhere to be found ?

golsilva2546d ago

the launch window titles (a sony rep on ps blog said it means within about a month of launch) are mlb 12(probably releases the same time last year so the beginning of march), gravity rush, reality fighters, and unit 13 at least for 1rst party games.

They didnt mention other games like resistance, lbp, motorstorm, sound shapes, etc. However, it probably makes sense if resistance comes out in the summer then they would want a big title for the fall, preferably one that appeals to kids. That could be when lbp launches.