GR - F1 2011 on Vita is looking way better than last time we played it. WAY better

GR - When I played the PS Vita version of F1 2011 back in the summer, it didn't feel right. Not as bad as the 3DS version (which turned out to be a bit of a stinker at review ), but far from the highs of the 9/10 console offering. However, things have changed big-time since I last played it and now, as I sit down with the latest build, I'm very pleased to discover it's getting really close to the 360/PS3 versions. Squee.

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Ddouble2551d ago

Glad to know it plays better but the graphics are still not good. I know they can do much better

a_bro2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

they need the ego engine there. ego engine is possible on vita. in fact, codemasters shouldnt be passing development of this game outside their realm. it has to be done internally. an F1 game on handhelds has lots of potential.

MasterCornholio2551d ago

I agree that it's better but it still has a few kinks that need ironing out.