STALKER 2 Still in development?

A recent tweet by the official STALKER account of GSC Worlds hints that the game isn't dead after all.


Another Recent Tweet with even more concrete news.

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NYC_Gamer2313d ago

i hope they found a major 3rd party publisher to help fund the project

Mikefizzled2313d ago

Couldn't agree more with you. As long as the publisher lets them do what they do best and not interfere too much.

ATi_Elite2312d ago

GSC never really shut down. They just moved to a new office. Team NA'VI the team that won the $1 million dollar DotA 2 tournament moved into GSC old offices.

STALKER 2 is still on pace for a 2012 release date. The team has moved and is on break for the Holiday's. Work will resume in mid January after CES!

Voxelman2312d ago

has that been confirmed?

DaveMan2312d ago

please don't play with my heart and tell me this is true!!!!!!!!!

sonicsidewinder2312d ago

You... you gotta be shittin' me, right?

Johandevries2312d ago

On Twitter:

@gscstalker S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
The Stalker team continues work on the project and hopefully everything will turn out well. Good Hunting Stalkers!

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Johandevries2312d ago

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