Gamasutra's Best Of 2011: Top 10 Games Of The Year

Gamasutra: As another exciting year for the video game industry wraps up, Gamasutra's editors choose their diverse top picks for 2011's best games, ranging from a game about infidelity to the triumphant return of an antagonistic A.I.

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Matrix2k2546d ago

portal 2 as the best game? LOL

NeoBasch2546d ago

Hey now, it's easily one of the top 5. I'd honestly put Uncharted 3 over this, which was notably absent from this list. Instead they put LA Noire on there. That was enough to convince me not to take this list seriously. Though, they included most of the good ones.

Matrix2k2546d ago

No they didnt. They didnt include any of the good ones.

What they included was the mainstream sell alot of copies list. That doesnt make it good

portal 2 had sub par level design, bad pacing for the last 10 hours of the game.

Hell I would of put disgaea 4 over any of those titles ie more unique art style ( all the ones they listed are all the same), better humor, likable characters, better gameplay depth.

NeoBasch2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

To an extent. I enjoyed the final chapter quite a bit. I thought the Cave Johnson level's were a bit much, ended up ruining the pacing a fair bit. My favorite chapters were the ones with Wheatley--such an awesome character. ^_^

I was slightly irritated by some of the puzzles--err... levels. Most of them were intellectually stimulating, but there were a few that were God-awful and annoying. One in particular had you scouting the top of a huge structure with multiple floors for a white wall in a duct at just the right angle to get past the grate. It was simply unbelievable how cheap that was. I can't believe when play testing it Valve thought it was a smart thing to do.

I'd be able to recall more if I didn't have such a short term memory. I can see where you're coming from but I enjoyed the narrative quite a bit, and am looking forward to my second playthrough so I can pick up on some of that subtlety they packed into the game. Plus, there's developer commentary and challenges... and Co-Op. Pretty beast game in my opinion. But I definitely see where you're coming from.

EeJLP-2546d ago

Portal 2 was/is a beast of a game, well deserving of GotY awards and nominations.

A bunch of those could have easily been removed for Uncharted 3 IMO, like Catherine or Orcs Must Die.

NukaCola2546d ago

I thought Portal 2 was well designed and had a really good script. The ending was great and the puzzles were solid. Wheatley is the man and I love it does something different than ever other game in the shooter perspective genre.

Matrix2k2546d ago

For the record before people start saying I never played the game.

I finished it twice singeplayer and once coop.

I played it alot

Caffo012546d ago

rofl a spot for orcs must die and no uncharted 3 on the list? LAME..

schlanz2546d ago

I can't speak for it since I haven't played it, but it seems silly to put a downloadable arcade game in a list that excludes such efforts as uncharted, dead space, and dark souls. And for good measure, xenoblade chronicles as well.

TheOtherTheoG2545d ago

Have you ever played Orcs Must Die? It's bloody brilliant, incredibly addictive, humorous and overall great fun.

FunkMcnasty2546d ago

IMO some of these games are kinda lame for a top ten list.. especially in such a year that saw so many great releases.

One game that never gets mentioned on any of these top 10 lists is Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Definitley at least one of the 10 best games that came out this year.

schlanz2546d ago

Deus Ex was average at best. Nice concept but poor execution. Terribly awful AI, ho-hum weapons and a pointless and aggravating inventory system, poor voice acting, and a halfassed upgrade system that becomes derivative halfway through the game.. Not top ten material by any stretch of the imagination.

YodaCracker2546d ago

No PS3 or 360 exclusives on the list? Hmm...

GTRrocker2546d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

For me:

Best single player and Story:

1. Dead Space 2
2. Infamous 2

Best Multiplayer:

1. Killzone 3

I thought Arkham city and LA Noire were so overrated. Surprised at the lack of PS3 exclusives. Skyrim is good, but too glitchy from a technical standpoint to be the best of the year. Plus I haven't finished it yet, so I can't really have it on my list. It is fun though. I didn't bother playing the other ones's. Mario looks fun... like always.