Skyrim Comparison: Adaptive HDR Makes The Game Look Like Real Life

"This is arguably the best mod for Skyrim. The mod totally changes the look of the game for the better, and it is quite surprising how fast the modders on the PC have managed to create it. This uses a new technique called Adaptive HDR that enhances the look of the game."

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TheOwnmaster2550d ago

Kinda like Fellout, Looks pretty boss

crxss2549d ago

i thought it was going to be a good article... then i saw "gamingbolt" on the upper right. immediately closed the tab, no thanks.

RedDead2549d ago

They have a good article's just very rare

Giru0172550d ago

"Like real life" is a bit of an overstatement, it ain't no icenhancer 1.3 or Crysis, but it's certainly damn nice looking!

The_Nameless_One2549d ago

Sensationalist headline to get hits.

RankFTW2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

No way man, this looks better than real life, like real life 2.0!

Flavor2550d ago

Oh please. This is just silly.

Sev2550d ago

Get used to seeing stuff like this. These drive a lot of heat/hits on N4G, yet they're nothing of value.

People love graphics, and sites love traffic. We still see GTAIV articles as top stories and that game released years ago. Skyrim is still new. You'll see this for at least a year. It's a shame as it's really not that interesting at all.

TheGameFoxJTV2550d ago

It's only of no interest to people who can't use it, to those who can, it's awesome news.

Tony P2550d ago

Great mods are definitely worth the headlines.

But "uber" texture mods are practically a dime a dozen.

TheGameFoxJTV2550d ago

@Tony P Not even a texture mod. Shows how much you actually know about this.

Tony P2549d ago

I wasn't talking about the mod in the article, Fox. I was responding to Sev.

The beauty of nested comments means you don't have to type "@(name here)" to reply.

No harm. Everyone makes mistakes.

But maybe next time you could be less of a dick and karma won't come back to bite you in the ass so quickly.

Been a pleasure.

LettingGo2549d ago

Can we PLEASE ban GamingBolt from N4G?





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specialguest2550d ago

Looks enhanced, but I still think the Crysis Real Lifesis mod or Natural Mod looks better.

TheGameFoxJTV2550d ago

Of course, they were actually able to modify the game with those mods, Skyrim's mod toll don't come out until Jan, when they do you'll see much more complex mods.

scrambles2550d ago

looks like they reduced contrast and bumped up the colors.

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The story is too old to be commented.