Grand Theft Auto III: 10 Year Anniversary Edition Review []

Back in 2001, Rockstar Games first introduced players Liberty City and open world gaming in Grand Theft Auto III. Ten years have passed since then and Rockstar Game has re-released the classic for iOS and Andriod devices, allowing for players to once again explore and reacquaint themselves with the mayhem of Liberty City in Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto III: 10th Anniversary Edition.

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masterabbott2496d ago

Certainly the best looking game on the iOS when it comes to free roaming sandbox games.

Qwerty912496d ago

There's only like 3 free roaming sandbox games on the iOS!

thejedi2496d ago

I might pick this game up once I get an iPhone

Soldierone2496d ago

Would love for the "update" to go away so i can play it again on my Xperia Play. Runs fine....for 5 minutes...then locks up the entire phone. I have no dought its a memory leak the update caused.

coaidant2495d ago

i'm pretty sure Rockstar have just released a patch to fix up a lot of the Android issues

moosekebabs2496d ago

Can't imagine playing something like this without a controller, if I had a better functioning iPhone maybe I would actually try it!

Soldierone2495d ago

You could always get an Xperia Play :P haha

masterabbott2494d ago

playing it on the ipad is brilliant even though u dont have a controller the buttons all seem to work very well.