Gravity Rush and Escape Plan Are PSN Only Titles In Europe

Two of the most intriguing games coming to the PS Vita won’t be available via retail.

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sinncross2522d ago

hmmm... i hope this doesnt mean that Gravity Daze is a shorter game then it appears it could be.

Else the only reason I can see them doing this is because they think the game will be niche. I hope they reconsider, but if push comes to shove I can just walk to a store can pick it up physically in Japanese.

tiffac0082521d ago

Well they can always compress the game for a faster download kind of like what they did with InFamous 2.

Still, I'm not sure why its a PSN only title in the EU.

despair2521d ago

its actually PSN only in the US as well, on the US PSBlog they have Escape plan as PSN only on the launch game list(among others). No mention of Gravity Rush but probably the same

GodHandDee2521d ago

well all Vita titles will be available via psn from day 1.

demonJAKAL2521d ago

Hopefully it means they'll be cheaper

Alabaster2521d ago

Looks like i'm using my American account.

NewMonday2521d ago

Careful, its only one account per vita

despair2521d ago

its also PSN only on US as well, check the PSBlog

Ultr2521d ago

Day one for Gravity Rush

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