Games for girls - really different from men?

CVG: European PlayStation boss Jim Ryan thinks that girls are the "the untapped holy grail" of games and he's revealed that Sony wants to appeal to more women with its new handheld, the Vita.

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Snookies122548d ago

More games for women? I think there are plenty of games already out that women would like, if they simply gave it a chance. It's not about the game itself, it's about getting them into the gaming world. I don't think a girl wouldn't want to play a game because it's not "Girly" enough, they probably wouldn't play because they don't know how to get into it, or rather have the wrong idea when it comes to the video game industry as a whole.

Just my opinion anyway... :\

Baka-akaB2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

Yeah i doubt there is a real for truly specific stuff . Most of the time they just dont even try games , and those that play regularly , are into the same kind of games as us .

My experience might be a rare occurrence , but i know more women and girls into fighting games , mmos and rpgs , than into stuff like the sims .

Micro_Sony2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

I think it has to do allot with being intimated by the controller.

My girlfriend saw me playing Uncharted 2 and she wanted to give it a try but the dual analog and various buttons really frustrated her and she gave up - Halo was worst she just kept looking up. The main problem is that they do not how the moving and aiming analog sticks go together.

She loves LBP and Mario - mainly because they are platform games and just require you to press 2 or 3 buttons. Also for some reason she ended up liking Fable 3 and passed it.

Edit: My point was that some girls dont mind playing the video games we play but the controller learning curve is a turn off.

GirlyGamer2548d ago

I don't play shooters cause i'm not into violence. But i love Grand Theft Auto, even though it has violence. So I contradict myself sometimes. i wouldn't buy a racing game but i play my brother's racing games. It all depends on what interests me, being a girl does not factor into this. But i can say we're more picky with our games.

I think a better agrument would be whether or not girls with brothers play more videogames.

NBT912548d ago

And Grand Theft Auto, for the most part is only as violent as you make it. Plus I think the violence has taken a backseat in those games anyway. Its more the use of the drug trade stories, constant swearing, sexual innuendos etc that give it the 18 rating.

NBT912548d ago

There is no real "Games for girls" any more, its just games that are accessible to more people than others. I.E anyone can dance in front of a camera. But getting a 1.6billion l33t killstreak in an fps requires good knowledge of the game, controller etc.
And on that note, how would you market the Vita to girls? Its not the games that are on it that will attract a wider range of people, its the functionality... Basically give it a facebook app and you automatically acquire the attention of half the world population anyway.

jthamind2548d ago

my girlfriend plays stuff like Ninja Gaiden, Dino Crisis and Street Fighter, so whatever "girly games" there are, she doesn't play them. lol.

Lord_Sloth2548d ago


Also, I don't think gender should factor into game design. Gears has a pretty major female following and that's about as testosterone filled as games get!

AceofStaves2548d ago

I've never considered the games I enjoy in terms of 'male' or 'female.' I play what I like, and that tends to be action/adventure, rpg, and platformer - even "casual games."

If publishers want to tap into the female gamer market, just produce quality titles with engaging gameplay. There's no specific genre, etc., for female gamers. We'll buy the games that interest us, just as male gamers do.

In the end, we female gamers are gamers first and foremost.

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