Rocksteady is working on a new PC patch for Batman: Arkham City

DSOGaming writes: "It seems that Rocksteady is currently working on a new PC patch for Batman: Arkham City, as Steam had accidentally released yesterday its preliminary version."

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DA_SHREDDER2552d ago

Rocksteady needs to just calm down and work on another sick game. I would love them to do one staring either Venom (instead of Spiderman) or Superman (he's the baddest dude around). A new Tenchu, or just make a totally new IP. Loving Rocksteady right now.

C_Menz2552d ago

Finally, I have some issues playing on PC and only have about 4 hrs into the game(since it becomes annoying to play with the issues). Sort of waiting for them to fix it before I push to far ahead into the game since at times the image problems are unbearable.

It's a shame that top games like Batman AC, Skyrim, and Bf3 all launched on PC with glaring problems since they weren't developed with the PC in mind.

TheGameFoxJTV2552d ago

I've not had a single issue with this game or BF3.

C_Menz2552d ago

So you are telling me that you have never encountered freezing or servers crashing in BF3? If you haven't then you obviously are BSing.

TheGameFoxJTV2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

Oh, ok, Mr.Omnipotent. Tell ME what I have experienced.Because you obviously know what I have and have not experienced.Also, saying BF3 wasn't developed with PC in mind just dis-credits your whole statement.

rattletop2552d ago

the game was delayed for an entire month the devs stating they want to provide a better experience for PC. it turned out to be the opposite.

john22552d ago

Well, DX11 works better now. The only performance culprit right now are the PhysX effects (even if you have a dedicated GPU for them) which won't be fixed IMO. Rocksteady should have used the PhysX 3.0 SDK

limewax2552d ago

Dx11 isn't entirely smooth yet though. I happened to be on when this build was leaked last and decided to benchmark it. the FPS increase was reasonable but clearly they have more tweaking to do. However the stutter is actually gone this time so that is a start.

As usual with and without PhysX it still wont hit 60 FPS at any point with DX11 features on high, whereas I know my system will. I'm pretty glad to hear this wasn't the finished build since I was hoping for a bit more of an increase

Animals_as_Leaders2552d ago

The game is perfect in DX9 and looks amazing,DX11 is just the icing on the cake, another patch is welcome any time. I don't imagine I'll be able to run it with a 60 frame min ( which is really needed for this sort of game ) in DX11 until next generation.

john22552d ago

They went nuts with the tessellation on the walls bricks, that's why DX11 had such a high performance hit. Obviously, the didn't optimize it but it's good that they are still working on it

Moragami2548d ago

Saved game bug is the killer right now. I lost 37 hours of progress to this BS.