Alan Wake PC will support DX9; more details about its game engine

DSOGaming writes: "Back in the days, the PC version of Alan Wake – the one that was cancelled – was not supposed to be compatible with DX9 and Windows XP. As we had guessed back then, that DX10 requirement was simply a marketing trick from Microsoft in an attempt to boost Vista’s sales. Fast forward a couple of years and here we are today with a new PC build for Alan Wake that will support DX9. Yeap, you read that right and it’s official. Alan Wake PC will support DX9 and Windows XP."

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2524d ago
-Mika-2524d ago

Wow it really late for a port now. If you didn't cancel the pc version. Your game would of most likely sold a million or more just for the pc alone, but you cancelled it. So now PC gamers will most likely not buy this game because you decided to jump on the console bandwagon and abandoned them.

Tony P2524d ago

It could haven been successful despite PC gamers, if MS actually gave a shit about getting it out there.

But guess what happens when you restrict a game to one platform and refuse to market it:

You get your ass kicked by Rockstar.

Jobesy2524d ago

That whole "Alan Wake didn't sell because RDR released at the same time" is a lame excuse. Are 360 users only allowed to buy 1 game? Why didn't they buy AW after? AW just isn't in the 360 demographic.

Tony P2524d ago

It's not a lame excuse at all.

Visibility counts.

It's the entire reason publishers spend millions on marketing. You're assuming that the same RDR buyers even HEARD of AW. Big mistake there.

AW had next to no marketing and RDR had tons.

Do the math.

cliffbo2524d ago Show
kaveti66162524d ago

"But guess what happens when you restrict a game to one platform and refuse to market it"

Killzone 3

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Waffle2524d ago

Not to mention they also gimped it when it became a 360 exclusive. They removed all of the open world elements that they wanted it to have.

HappyTrigger2524d ago

Uh, no. They removed the open world for design and story reasons. Not because of 360 limitations. If the 360 could handle games like RAGE, GTA 4, & Red Dead Redemption, then I don't see why Alan Wake could not also be open-world.

theonlylolking2524d ago

LOL! When I saw that you said RAGE that was when I knew you did not know a thing you were talking about. The textures in rage or horrible! There is a LOT of pop ins when playing the game especially if you do a 180. GTA 4 is surrounded by buildings so it is easier to hide things and Red Dead just has bad graphics.

Alan Wake has probably the best graphics on the xbox 360. If they tried doing open world with those graphics the xbox 360 would NOT be able to handle it.

I do not think they made Alan Wake more linear because of the xbox limitations. I think it was a design choice.

kramun2524d ago

They decided to let the console scum have it and then after it didn't sell well they come crawling back to pc gamers and say -

'Hi, do you want to buy that game we were making for you years ago?'

SlipperyMooseCakes2524d ago

It sold 1.5 million copies on the 360. People are scum now because they play games on consoles? Haha, get over yourself.

KMCROC542524d ago


lelo2play2524d ago

Well, if PC gamers don't buy Alan Wake, then they probably won't get Alan Wake's American Nightmare later on.

SKUD2524d ago

And nothing of value would be lost for the PC community. Unless they remove the in-game adverts and tweak the game in a drastic way PC gamers are gonna be disappointed. Not even really worth as a GPU/CPU benchmark. I don't think much of the community forgot what was shown back in 05.

ATi_Elite2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

at this point i really don't care about Alan Wake as much as i did when i first found out about it when it was a PC exclusive way back in the day. Now almost 2 years later the dam game is an after thought.

There are a TON of AAA+ PC Exclusives coming out in 2012 that are gonna take up all my game time and Alan Wake just doesn't fit into the equation right now.

I may pick up Alan Wake during a Steam sale for like $10 or less. Alan Wake PC being only DX9 is OK. The Witcher 2 was DX9 and it looked FANTASTIC so Remedy has their work cut out for them.

I just hope Alan Wake PC is a quality port with boosted graphics and have all the customization options that PC Gamers require. Should of been released long ago for the PC but i guess better late than never but it's just once again bad timing for poor old Alan.

Next time just release Alan Wake 2 on the PC day 1 and not day 600!

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kcuthbertson2524d ago

"Supports DX9"??? I think they mean won't support DX10 or DX11. Way to try and spin negative news in a positive light.

NYC_Gamer2524d ago

it's a console port most of us already knew it wouldn't push hardware limits

john22524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

Even if the game was meant to be a DX10-only game, you can't possibly think that Remedy, a small studio that is now working on two titles for two different platforms would implement DX11 with optimized tessellation and such... can you?

Point is that when it was cancelled, Alan Wake was a DX10 title and we know that there are a lot of DX9 PC gamers. Want to see what happened to DX10-only titles that were not as massively exposed to the market as BF3? Look at Shattered Horizon, a unique and remarkable DX10 title that didn't sell well.

So yeah, it's a big plus in my books that Alan Wake will support DX9.

PS: Oh, and Frostbite 2.0 could easily run on DX9. Don't let the PR bullcraps brainwash you because it runs fine on X360 hardware. Hell, even CryEngine 2/3 runs fine with DX9. Yet most of you didn't complain about it. Figures

kcuthbertson2524d ago

I think my comment got taken the wrong way. I'm not saying DX9 is a bad thing at all. The witcher 2 is my favorite game this year and it only uses DX9. I was just saying that "Alan Wake won't support DX10/11" would have been a better title.

Pikajew2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

Not many games use DX11
Portal 2 doesn't have DX10 and looks great

Chnswdchldrn2524d ago


death2smoochie2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

Dx9 we go again. Another port from a console.

"PC version will support HDR/FP16"

At least that's a start when all console games only use FP 10 HDR. But it's disappointing no D11 support for Shader model 5.0 or DX11 Tessellation and higher FP than 16 for HDR.

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