PlayStation Vita UK Pre-Order Pack Revealed

Last month, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) revealed the pre-order pack that will be available to gamers on the continent who put their name down for the forthcoming PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) console early. Electronic Theatre has since received an updated specification specifically for the UK market, and unfortunately it seems as though British gamers will be missing out on a few treats.

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StraightPath2547d ago

Sony with their rip off prices on memory cards..and accessories..

Half-Mafia2547d ago

I pre-ordered the Vita from for £196 and a 16gb card from Amazon for £40. The normal price for a Vita is £230, so ive basically got the 16gb card for £6.

Rampaged Death2547d ago

I really hope they offer a bundle with a game and memory card. The prices for games and memory cards are atrocious !

tridentmorph2547d ago

article poorly written. information was posted last month on official blog so no surprise to us uk residents. the discount they said is unconfirmed is five pounds for a psn download.

sold headphones and the home codes for twenty in total on ebay (2 preorder packs) plus the ten further pounds of discounts on store means knocked thirty pounds off my preorder already.