The 10 Worst Game Covers Of 2011

NowGamer looks at the most awful game covers of 2011. Some of these are just baffling.

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skyward2546d ago

Surgery Simulator 2011 is a 10/10 game... much better than 2010.

ExitToExisT2546d ago

I dont agree with saints row 3 cover being bad , it was just a bold move by THQ. The cover looks fine but not appealing or doesnt give any hint about the game

ChrisW2546d ago

It's only bad to those who don't know a thing about Saint's Row.

fastrez2546d ago

Not defending the author, but I get his point about the Saint's Row 3 box art showing you nothing about the game.

But then again, loads of games do it, so not sure why he's singled that game out to be honest :/

Pikajew2546d ago

I like the SR3 and Conduit 2 box arts

FunkMcnasty2546d ago

He didn't mention the MW3 cover!? I thought that was so boring and bland. At least the covers for the other CoD games were at least somewhat more colorful... this one is simply black and white with a lime green font.

Mikefizzled2546d ago

I actually think the author has misunderstood the Saints Row: the Third front cover. I believe they have chosen it because they are the huge companies you named but in their own game. The game is loud and in your face hence why the logo is so big.

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