UT3 & PS3: ChChChChChaanges!

"Right now, this tech is only available on the PS3 console, so this is my challenge to you, PS3 owners! Create the next big thing! Completely change the world of gaming as we know it! We can't wait to see what you come up with." - Tanya Jessen // Associate Producer, Epic Games

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Blademask3939d ago

look at her photo :)

*cough* But yes this is great news. Although, the UT community has never ceased to amaze with mods/custom maps etc.

Keep it up guys.

PS3 Limps on and on3939d ago

That picture is tiny. And Jade Raymond is just luck of the draw or something.

marinelife93939d ago

Mods really increase the longevity of games. That's one of the reasons I have no problems buying this game. People come up with some very creative ideas through the mod community.

And if it's hot enough you can work with Epic to actually sell it not just for PC but for PS3 as well.

solar3939d ago

eh, wouldnt kick her outta bed, but she isnt special.

and Blademask, that is one cute lil kitty :D

LSDARBY3939d ago

She talked me and a few other guys through the PS3 version of the game at the PC launch event in the UK. Shes not too bad, looks way better than that pic 1.3 posted. But not Jade Raymond hot.

sak5003938d ago

LOL @ Krazy Ken that was funny. Btw, did u sleep with her or what?

Anyway, surprisingly she herself doesnt own a ps3, unless that playstation tag is ps3 one and not ps1.

mikeslemonade3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

Tanya Jessen use to be 240 lbs, so it kind of spoils her. She is more "real" than Jade Raymond. Jade Raymond is real, but this girl is just more real.

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EZCheez3939d ago

And this is one of the biggest factors. I know it's not on the same level, but I never imagined so many people would be ready and willing to create themes for the PS3. It really shows that PS3 owners are starving for stuff like this. The PSU themes pages adds about a page a day and is growing quickly.

Now while this is on a whole new level, I love the idea of user-created content, and I just hope enough people actually use it to spark interest in others and make great mods. I've never played UT that much, but the game looks great and the possibility for mods is really intriguing.

The ONLY negative I see about this is the fact that you need the PC version of this to make it. I don't know many people that would buy the same game for a console and PC. I wish they could find a way around that.

Also, I'm glad they slowed it down for the PS3. The first videos of the game from the PC version were a little too fast for me. BTW, I will be playing this with a M&K to find out which is better.

solar3939d ago

the KnM config is gonna blow ur mind. once u get the taste of turning 180 degrees in a fraction of a second compared to 3-4 seconds with an analog controller and u'll be in love

Relientk773939d ago

Unreal 3 just looks completely amazing ... like those graphics are to die for

jackdoe3939d ago

I would want some kind of total conversion, maybe a UT3 real time strategy or something like that.

eagle213939d ago

Their are talented gamers out there of all ages. UT3, LittleBigPlanet, HOME, even Echochrome (phil harrison hinted user creation) is going to stay fresh with peoples talents (even lack of) and personalities.

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The story is too old to be commented.