Australians who pre-ordered Syndicate on Origin are receiving discount coupons

Origin has begun cancelling all Syndicate pre-orders by Australians, due to it being banned in Australia. Sharing the sentiment of EA in their official response to the refusal of classification, the e-mail from Origin states "We’re sorry to inform you that we’ve received notice of the Australian Government’s decision to not give a rating for our upcoming game Syndicate, which means EA isn’t allowed to publish and sell this game in the country."

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Yi-Long2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

... but it's sad that gamers in Australia still have to suffer decisions like these because of the stupid rating-system they've got in place.

rec2552d ago

We'll just all import it at a cheaper price than we would have paid locally anyway.

ScubbaSteve2551d ago

I really hope they completely get rid of region locking next gen. I don't think it's helping anyone.

Dan502551d ago

I wonder how much they lost in all over taxes from ALL the games they censored/banned due to imports.