Skyrim PC mods as DLC on PS3/Xbox 360

Gaming In Entertainment writes: While we’re sure that many Skyrim players would rather Bethesda focus on perfecting the game, especially PS3 owners, some console owners would welcome the addition of mods, although how could this be added? One option that could work would be DLC, which means less red tape and content that could be free or charged for to enhance the game.

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danswayuk2547d ago

Bethesda need to fix some of the PS3 problems still there, but some mods as DLC would be worth paying for, and free is even better.

DonaldBeck2547d ago

For any ps3 fans of skyrim i found this.

I wanted to stop in and give everyone a quick update before the holidays. Patch 1.3 is up for everyone, as is the PC LAA version. The January 1.4 update is well underway right now for all platforms, along with the Creation Kit and Steam Workshop integration on PC.

Special thanks to all of you, especially those who sent us specifici feedback and save games to look at. We know everyone's experience is unique, and it's made a huge difference being able to look first hand at things you were seeing.

Through this we've learned the game can get in some states where it severely taxes the PS3 in particular. We've been working hard to find and fix those with your help.

You've all supported us in a huge way and we're going to fully support all of you, regardless of platform or issue.

Happy Holidays and thanks again

its apparent they are hard at work to fix any issues the ps3 users are experiencing.

danswayuk2547d ago

Nice to see Bethesda are working hard for the gamer.

badz1492547d ago

as should they. who else butter their bread but gamers?

fooxy2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

free of charge + Microsoft ... that doesn't work at all

pc_masterrace2547d ago

I lol'd... wonder if Sony has the same policy?

TheOwnmaster2547d ago

They do it because there too lazy and don't want lawsuits. Imagine if someone mad a mod the really effed up a console. Then what