Uncharted: Golden Abyss - Platform and Combat Gameplay (Cam)

Check out some brand new gameplay action on the PS Vita from Uncharted:the Golden Abyss.

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Oldman1002550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

So I was bored and was curious if Golden Abyss is running in vita's native res of 960x544. Using the pixel counting method from beyond3d forums I found out that Golden Abyss actually runs in a sub native res of 720x408.

The pics I used for counting were from ign, which they captured using vita's screenshot function:

How to pixel count:

I just thought i'd share this info here in case anyone is interested. Thanks to the OLED screen the game looks incredible regardless. Lol, and the first mercenary drake pulls off the ledge is voiced by the same guy who also voiced Dempsey in zombies and Grayson in Bulletstorm.

MasterCornholio2549d ago

I have a question. Does the Vita take the pics at native resolution or does it downscale them?