Step into 'Welcome Park,' the PS Vita's tutorial minigame collection

The PlayStation Vita comes pre-loaded with a suite of minigames, under the delightfully Japanese heading of "Welcome Park." Each of the five games is designed to give users practice with one of the Vita's interface methods: the touchscreen (and touch panel), the mic, the camera, and the gyroscope/accelerometer.

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sinncross2546d ago

While the mini games are neat, they could really expand upon them and I hope Sony does through future updates.

For instance, all three activities in digit chase can be made to last longer and more difficult, which would be a nice option, as well as to being able to play all 3 individually.

Also, a basic online leaderboard of the quickest times could be a fun little distraction for some people (but no trophies for the leaderboards please).

tarbis2545d ago

the mini games look very nice and well done. Can't wait to get my PSV.