Gran Turismo 5 Prologue: Skyline R-35 TV Spot

So the first Gran Turismo 5 Prologue TV Spot is here, and what a glorious looking trailer for Japan it is.

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ddamaged13873d ago

this game is sick with the drifting = legit madness

eddispider3873d ago

I hope for all ps3 owners that they have fixed the framerate issue and tearing that was on the jap demo.

sonarus3873d ago

i didnt really notice any frame rate dips and from the previews i've read the current version of the game has no frame rate dips. gran turismo should sell extremely well it is among the top 20 most wanted titles in japan. dmc4 is coming out and so is wks these 3 titles should keep ps3 gamers quite happy for a while

season0073873d ago

the tearing when trolls like you stick something in your mammy @$$...

AnalFace3873d ago

The R35 sounds so damn good!

Sevir043873d ago

my goodness. and it's been confirmed that the game runs at 60 fps. man 12/13 Wii fit and Lost odyssey are gonna gett a run for their money, GT has been a staple franchise world wide especially in the US and japan. next week Poeple in the rising sun will be buying PS3s and this game and the US, expect a r=marketing blitz. phil Said that there 3 most important first party exclusives for next year is GT5 prologue,, LBP, and KZ2 and Phil said to expect one of there biggest marketing campiagn for all 3 of those games. Posters, bilboards and crazy rotations of comercials, i think if sony wants to sell alot for this and KZ2, do a halo 3 hype for them both. and for KZ go a step futher and put it's trailers in every Movie theatre cinema as a preview ala Gears of War.

vloeistof3873d ago

no hype for mgs4 and possible ff xiii in jap ??

sonarus3873d ago

why did you leave uk out. gran turismo should sell well there too.

LSDARBY3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

Cool advert, but i want it in the UK (The game)

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The story is too old to be commented.