Is Sorcery Enough to Revive the PlayStation Move?

If you told gamers who purchased PlayStation Move on release week that two holiday seasons later Sorcery still wouldn’t be out, they probably wouldn’t believe you. But it’s a sad reality; Sorcery has been shrouded in mystery since its original announcement at E3 2010, and not until last week did we finally hear its official release window of Spring 2012. It was the defining game of the device’s original announcement, and summoned a nearly five-minute demonstration that was met with remarkable demand. But is it enough to make PlayStation Move the must-have peripheral that many were expecting? - PSLS

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Trexman892469d ago

probably not. A single game can't save it, it needs about a dozen quality games.

sinncross2469d ago

Exactly, a good few games coming will help the Move.
The Resident Evil Chronicles HD could help, but Sony must really look towards getting Datura (the Santa Monica hand game) and Until Dawn (that torch game)ready to launch.

I mean, if a ll of these are top quality when using the Move, then there is some momentum taking place.

And Sports Champions 2 please,

Army_of_Darkness2469d ago

Hell yeah! Its gonna help the move!

Dacapn2469d ago

Depends on the game and the person. I was never into the move, but I personally loved No More Heroes on the Wii, so when it came out for PS3, I bought the move for that game alone. There aren't any other move games that interest me though.

DA_SHREDDER2469d ago

Ever heard of Mario? Well thats what's Sony's been on, and will eventually have a two dozen sick Ip's that can sell anything.

miyamoto2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

The same thing they said that God of War III will singly save the PS3! And it turned out that a wave of exclusive upon exclusive games did the job.

And rightly so for the Move come 2012.
Star Trek
Bioshock Infinite
Dust 514
Counter Strike: Counter Offensive
Sports Champion 2
are just a few.

It took Nintendo 5 years to perfect the Wiimote+ will a Zelda game & they expect a similar game while the Move is only out for more than a year!

doctorstrange2469d ago

It'd be a complete and utter failure. It needs more games, it's a wonderful bit of tech that has about as much support as stilts made of jelly.

stormeagle62469d ago

Not really. In fact, even if it's great, I don't think it's going to sell much in the way of software, much less jump-start hardware sales.

360ICE2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

A Move star wars game is what would be good. I've tried the Kinect game and it was aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawful, but Move and lightsabers just make sense.

Laxman2469d ago

When and where did you try Kinect Star Wars?

Soldierone2469d ago

I doubt this is where he tried it, but if im not mistaken it was behind closed doors at E3 this year.

LettingGo2469d ago

Move isn't dead though. It's actually doing well. Many people are snatching up Sharpshooter bundles this year. :) I assume Sony will release the PS4 with something like Move...possibly with an improved camera.

knifefight2469d ago

I might buy move if that happened.

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The story is too old to be commented.