Game market is still up for grabs

Microsoft had about a year's head start over the other two consoles. The Xbox 360 was first released in November 2005, with the Nintendo Wii and Sony PS3 coming out in November 2006. Due to the short supply of consoles from Nintendo and Sony last year, many people expected the 2007 holiday season to be the true indicator of which console will win the hearts, minds and wallets of consumers. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case as there are still threats of limited supply of the Wii.

To get some perspective, it would be good to look at the current sales statistics for the various gaming systems. The latest numbers from The NPD Group (Port Washington, N.Y.) show that hardware sales have increased from $2.2 billion in 2006 to $4.1 billion so far in 2007. The thing to take into account when assessing these numbers is that for the majority of 2006, the only next-generation console available was the Xbox 360. Total numbers for 2007 (rounded up to the nearest 1,000) show the Wii leading with 3,958,000 consoles sold, Xbox 360 in second place with 2,589,000, and the PS3 following in third with 1,294,000.

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wiizy3909d ago

up for grabs by whom....nintendo already has the console war lock down

PS3PCFTW3909d ago (Edited 3909d ago )

temporarily yes.......once the fad wears off and the TRIllions of WIIpeople want a tru next gen system, they will lose their lead.

im not gonna front though, NINTENDO is DOMINATING at that price if you just consider hardware penetration.
if you consider the fact that 2 wiis equal 1 ps3 pricewise youll see that wii is not really the winner.

Hence the title, "up for grabs"

Shaka2K63909d ago

go to any game store and half the store if full of Sony PS products, the truth is Sony still owns with the PS2
PS3 the best next gen. system with the best games.
PSP the best hand held in the history of gaming.

wiizy3908d ago

lol.. wasnt that suppose to happen this year.. and yet the wii is still the hottest product.. and with smash bros, mario and some of the better third party games coming next year.. only a fanboy would be crossing their fingers hoping wii is a fad.. oh that was said about the ds too. but innovation always win as the ds is killing the competition...double the sales of the psp..incredible

name3908d ago

Why do we need to care about this? Why can't we just play our games :( This console war is making me a sad panda.

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