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Submitted by BIoodmask 2990d ago | article

Which console is the best value for your money? Wii, Xbox 360, or PS3

Console Central writes, "The console war has been going full throttle since 2006 when finally all consoles launched. However which console should you picked is based on what games you want to play. The Wii offers a new way to play Video Games. Xbox 360 has all the Next-Gen Games and the PS3 well it's the PS3. However no one bothers looking at prices. When people see the $500 dollar PS3 they say wow its way too expensive. When people see the Xbox 360 they think it has better games. When people see the Wii they think a new experience and an inexpensive price. But are the price tags telling the truth? Let's take this time to see which one offers you more for your money." (PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

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aiphanes  +   2990d ago
His reasoning is somewhat flawed...but
He is right...the PS3 is still the better value...

People forget on the wii you have to buy a lot more controllers and batteries just to get the family experience...the Wii is not really a single player is a group you really have to have over 2 conrollers..four is the max and the sweet spot..

On the PS3 you can get buy with only 2 sixaxis controllers...and they can be found for only $39.99 each.

The 40Gb Ps3 is really the one to can be had with the Sony Card for only $299.

Wii $250
3 extra controllers and numchucks---$180
Monoprice wii charger (includes 2 rechargable battery packs) 2X$14=$28
1 game $49
Component cable $19.99

Total price for the Wii is $527

PS3 40GB---$299 (sony credit card)
HDMI 1.3a cable at$15
1 game $59
1 extra contoller $39.99

Total price for the 40GB PS3 config....$413

Xbox 360 have to really go with this one because of the larger harddrive size.

1 extra controller $39
2 battery recharge kits 2X20= $40
1 game $59

total price is $587 and I did not add $129 for the HD-DVD add on which you can get at at this time for that price. If it added that it would be $716 total...

So PS3 best price at $413
Wii best price at $527
360 best price at $587

If people where smart they would be using that Sony Credit card deal now..and get their PS3s now and get ready for MGS4 and GTA4, and little big planet next year...

I am just saying...
shmee  +   2990d ago
PS3 gives u the best value
and we all know it

PLUS it has the best library

UNCHARTED ,R&C,HS, MOTRSTORM , NGS, RESISTANCE,UT3 ----just too amazing a lineup even for a 1 year old console


ps3 costs 400$ , x360 350$

ps3 has wifi
ps3 has next gen DVD player
ps3 has free online

PS3 gives u a wayyyyyyyyy better value

only abnormals could purchase an overpriced and expensive x360. and ofcourse the BOTS like you too
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toughNAME  +   2990d ago
I believe it was you who once accused me of being 'poor' as my reason for not buying a PS3 (my reason was games)

but how ever could I have afforded that oh so expensive 360?

grassssssp.....grasp those straws
BenzMoney  +   2990d ago
@1: Worst post I've seen in a long time!
What the hell makes you think that someone needs to buy all that extra crap you've thrown in there just to make the PS3 look like a good deal?

Wii: You 'need' 4 controllers and 'chucks, according to you. Why, exactly? (Especially since you say that you can 'get away with' only 2 controllers for the PS3 - but don't give any reason for this). And you 'need' 2 recharging kits?! WTF?

PS3: You assume that everyone in the world has a Sony credit card, or is willing to subject themselves to the crap that obtaining another credit card entails (marketing, spam mail, people phoning you asking if you want insurance, more revolving credit that hurts their credit rating, etc) just so they can get a $100 rebate? Riiight.

360: I've never needed more than about 6 or 7 Gb of my harddrive. I see no need for a 120Gb harddrive, since I don't store any media on my 360 at all (it's all streamed from my PC). So that whole "you have to go for the Elite" thing is straight BS. Then you say I need 2 recharge kits?! WTF? I single quick charge kit comes with an extra battery and can charge two batteries at once. Seems sufficient to me! And I'm not interested in HDDVD (or blu-ray, for that matter).

So... your little price-breakdown is junk.
ElementX  +   2990d ago
Maybe some people don't want to sign up for a Sony credit card or they don't have good credit to do so (i have one). Furthermore, if someone wants to play PS2 games they'll have to pay $120 for a PS2 since the 40GB model you mentioned doesn't have BC.
Bombomb  +   2990d ago
"PLUS it has the best library

UNCHARTED ,R&C,HS, MOTRSTORM , NGS, RESISTANCE,UT3 ----just too amazing a lineup even for a 1 year old console "

I almost sh*t in my pants laughing...

xbox 360 - You want the best gaming library with aaa titles and establish network.

PS3 - you want the cheapest Hd movie player with decent games, so far and half ass network.

Wii - you want something totally rad and different.
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viper_1997  +   2989d ago
Gotta say I agree with BenzMoney on this - the whole article seems biased towards Sony and why would you have to buy all of that stuff? There was no research that showed what most gamers buy or use. I have both a PS3 and an X360... The PS3 (80 GB) I have never used the BR player (except maybe once to see it) - research has also shown that 75% have never even used it, I have never used the wireless connection... too unreliable still. X360 - Never needed wireless, haven't needed more that 2 controllers (most games don't support 4 player split screen - no need especially with live), I have the premium edition and haven't needed more than 3GB - WHO CARES about downloadable videos?

Plain and Simple - compare "normal usage" rather than all the accessories to skew the results.
Bill Gates  +   2990d ago

What a waste of plastic.....And CHEAP plastic for that matter.....AAHAHAAHHAHAHHAHHA
Gamingisfornerds  +   2990d ago
Hardware-wise and technically I'd say PS3 hands down.
It has a Blu-ray drive included, the powersupply is in the box (big deal for me, yes), it's much quieter than the 360, it's much more reliable (so far anyway), it has built-in Wifi, 60GB standard HDD, and imo it's much better looking overall.

That said, I'd never get rid of my 360 purely because of the software. The amount of 360 exclusives that I appreciate is to big to decline. The overall 360 exclusives also appeal more to me than the PS3 exclusives.

So I guess in the end, if I'd have to choose one console, it would probably be the 360. Unless MS looses all the exclusives I'm interested in.

Edit @ shmee: Welcome on my ignore list. Time for you to grow up and act appropriately, maybe then people will start taking you seriously.
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shmee  +   2990d ago
but x360 has no exclusives
GEARS -- on PC as well
BIOSHOCK --on PC as well
ORANGE BOX --on PC as well as PS3

HALo3 and MASS EFFECT are the only 2 good exclusives x360 have besides Forza 2

PS3 has RFOM, MOTORSTORM,NGS, HS,UNCHARTED, R&C --all the best games

PS3 is the best choice whatever way u look around. PS3 is the no1 choice
littletad  +   2990d ago
Not bad
However you just described the ps3 60 gig model which is soon to be forgotten, though I'm still crossing my fingers I'll be able to buy one with my tax return. But seriously, the removal of BC for the ps3 40gig and cheapest model is a complete disaster. People on here have said that BC is "not a huge deal". I completely disagree, I have 50 ps2 titles and their library is upwards of 2 thousand. It's unrealistic to say that it doesn't matter. I could care less about blu-ray as well, sure it's a nice feature, but it's not as important as BC in my opinion.
Gamingisfornerds  +   2990d ago
Yeah, I was worried about that at first as well. I wasn't planning on getting a PS3 soon, and if they were to phase out the 60GB in favour of the 40GB without BC, that would've been a serious letdown. Not long ago though, I got an offer I just couldn't refuse and I got myself a 60Gb PS3 (with BC obviously). I do think now, that the 80GB model with BC will replace the 60GB model so I think you're safe enough concerning BC.

And yeah, I agree that BC IS a big deal. I never owned a PS2 and this way I still get to enjoy the PS2 classics I missed out on. Also, having to keep your PS2 lying around (if you have one) with all the cables/peripherals and such is a pain so it's much better just to have one machine that plays both PS2 and PS3 titles.

As for Blu-ray. I don't really care for it either, but it's nice to have it and to have it included withing the console. I just see it as a nice bonus. :)
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razer  +   2990d ago
Not another one of these articles.
Haven't we learned here that when you post this stuff it brings out the idiots on both sides. One side never convinces the other and it just degrades into a bunch of 15-17yo nerds having a sissy fight.

Each console has it's strengths/weakness, all are going to sell extremely well and none are going to fail.

I chose both the 360 and PS3 because without both you are missing out. I still haven't found anything to compel me on the Wii, but millions of people have. Owning both I can easily see that if I just owned a PS3 or just owned a 360 I would be missing out on a lot!
gamesblow  +   2990d ago
Ps3, easily for value... It's the most packed and loaded system ever released!

I mean, I'm playing Emulators, running full Linux, Streaming digital content in HD, Editing media on the fly, Surfing the internet, Storing Music, Watching HD-Movies... Upscaling all my dvds and ps1 and ps2 games... Playing ps3 games and a S#IT TON more. All out of the box and for free.

You cannot beat the Ps3 in terms of what it offers. The compeition is flat on thsi one. They simply cannot match what the PS3 offers the consumer. Sorry.
jorellpogi  +   2990d ago
I agree. Don't forget to take into consideration of the superior build of the PS3.
Lord_Mike  +   2990d ago
Yup PS3 = better value hands down.

If you consider the cost of a Blu-ray player the console is basically free! Add a slick rechargable controller, built in WiFi, free browser and a computer (when Linux is installed)

I actually hooked up my laser printer to my PS3 running Yellow Dog Linux to print documents just for kicks. Works great!
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PStriple703  +   2990d ago
best value for your money
is the ps3, if you disagree ur a fanboy
shmee  +   2990d ago
for sure
PS3 has the best RPG --FF13
best action adventure --GOW 3 ,UNCHARTED and HS


PS3 has the best games of all genre PLUS it is the best BLU RAY player in the whole world . It has a next gen drive unlike a 2$ DVD drive on x360
unlimited  +   2990d ago
PS3 next gen game and blu ray player..its just the complete package and its reliable..the games are already began dropping for the ps3..this christmas sony have a big chance of even passing the 360 hopefully..
Blademask  +   2990d ago
This is going to get ugly..
Who the hell is buying INTERCOOLERS for the ps3?

I believe Sony is one of the leaders of hardware development in the world, no?

Hot AIR isn't supposed to be inside of you console.. that is why its BLOWN out. Its not going to damage it.

You can run it cooler though, but if heat/performance isnt' a problem.. why intercool (for the ps3)
Ju  +   2990d ago
That, and you can find HDMI cables for $14.99, would save you about $60 on that price.
Pain  +   2990d ago
My PS3 is wher SONY wants it.
Right in the Middle of all my Stuff "Set top Box"

and it dose a Great job of everything i use it for ,GAME/Movie/Picture's and errr.... um.... >.> porn why not.

So yes best Value = PS3 , so yes like its name say's 'PLAY' ~ 'STATION'

/ramble off.
The Wood  +   2990d ago
bubbles for pain
bubbles for playstation porn in surround.
Rick James  +   2990d ago
We all value things differently. Everybody is unique. I can see the the value in each console. Although I only own the 360, it's mostly because the 360 launched first, I like the controller better, most of my friends play Halo, and Xbox Live is excellent. So the 360 is more valuable to me than the PS3 or Wii. Hoever I am considering buying both the PS3 and Wii in the future as I tend to own every console every generation.

To some people having Blu-Ray, free online, Sony's exclusive titles, and the PS3 controller is more valuable.

Just like with the Wii and it's totally different control scheme, not having to buy a new HDTV to get the best resolution, and Nintendos exclusive titles.

It's called opinion. These articles are just that. Somebodys opinion. You cant prove for a fact that the 360, PS3, or Wii is more valuble for the price. You just cant.
toughNAME  +   2990d ago
even though the PS3 is the most is that best value for your money

doesn't change the fact that the Xbox 360 is the best gaming console available :D
kurochi  +   2990d ago
I don't know about "best-gaming console" I think all 3 have A LOT to prove before I crown them that title. I do want to point out 1 correction in the article though. In the 360 section, I think he mistakenly stated that it cost $50 per month to do xbox live. That is not true, it's $50 per year. I'm not a xbox fanboy, but those aren't the facts. However, even though the 360 has a better library now, that dominance will not last. I believe Sony will take the lead again as in recent data has shown that the Wii "fad" is starting to wear-off in Asia and Sony is starting to pick up. That wave will eventually get to NA. I own all three consoles and 360 is just a little too finicky for my taste. But I still like COD4 on the 360 though....
rich13er  +   2990d ago
Agreed. For me the PS3 has been a disappointment since I have bought it in June because of the lack of great games. It is starting to get better now, but so far it has mostly been a bluray player for me. For me so far the best vaule would be the system I use the most.
The 360 is first by far
than the Wii
than the PS3

This could change, but it all depends on one thing, which is these system are first and fore most gaming systems so if it has great games people will buy them and that where the vaule comes in.
Right now the PS3 is in thrid place.
titntin  +   2990d ago
Though I conceed the conclusion is probably true, its a bady written article with some pretty dodgy reasoning.
Don't really see this as being informative, just a another reason for the trolls to throw mud at each other!! :)
vloeistof  +   2990d ago
ps3 .
40cal  +   2990d ago
The PS3 is
Bubble Buddy  +   2990d ago
i'd say it's ps3. cause for 400 bucks for a blu-ray player is amazing.
Niclas  +   2990d ago
Ill f*cking tell ya
PS3 ? so far .. not worth the money i spend on it at release .. the exclusives so far havent been "fantastic".. Motorstorm and Warhawk is the only i drag forth once in a while.. (probably cuz im so hooked on COD4 atm :D) .. in 2008 it will defenetly be worth all my money though!
GoW3, GT5, MSG4 FTW!!!

Xbox360.. defenetly the best console in my eyes atm .. im not saying the PS3 is bad atm, but even the most hardcore sony fanboy/girl must be VERY ignorant/stupid/uninformet 2 not see that Halo3, Bioshock, Mass Effect and Gears Of War is the best console games out atm!.. (No ps3 game even come close so far.. yea oka COD4, but its not exclusive ;P) not 2 say xbox dosnt have any exiting exclusives in 2008/9.. very exited about ME2, halo wars, Fable 2

Wii .. not worth any money at all.. they cheat ppl 2 .. n00bs walk around and think its cheap.. but look at the price for those plastic controllers with a little motion OMFG!! .. the games r CRAP! .. only Zelda & Metroid prime is worth mentioning .. and none can compare with any of the Xbox titles i just mentioned.. (And ye .. i have played both lol.. if you say the opisite, then u defenetly havent tried both.. FACT).. and what great games r 2 come ? hmm.. ehmm.. NONE of the big known titles r coming for wii .. only nintendos own 1-party children games.. Super Smash Brothers Brawl is nice.. but heyy .. u know what ? nintendo f*cked that up 2 with LMAO seperate friend codes and delayed 6 MONTHS in europe..!!!!!! omfg .. gj retards tbh..
Talking about the hardware the wii is last-gen..
I feel bad for ppl buying this cr*p .. wasted $
slinkey123  +   2990d ago
100% right!!
your 100% right. i completely agree with u. the wii is trash i owned all 3 consoles at one point but now i got just the ps3 and the 360 i sold the wii :D and im glad too! it really was absolute sh!t. its deffinately the worst value for money bcus the xbox1 has better technology and is way cheaper!! and has way better games like HL2 and doom3 i doubt they wud even run on the wii! i hate the wii its the biggest waste of money ever and its only good game is zelda which is out on gamecube ffs!! and both 360 and ps3 absoluteley own it!
Anego Montoya FTMFW  +   2990d ago
well, what do you want?
The Xbox360

Pros: Games that are out now
Cons: Reliability

The Wii

Pros: You`ll be a Wii bit cooler?
Cons: How long is this thing gonna interest you? Really.

The PS3

Pros: Reliability, Best 2008 Games (2008 is less than a month away, shhh)
Cons: No In-Game XMB?
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aiphanes  +   2990d ago
SHHHHH! In game XMB is comming soon...
Plus HOME and full Divx certification...and HD master audio..and bluray profile 1.1

Plus Killzone 2, Little Big Planet, Infamous, Afrika, Final Fantasy 13, God of War 3, Resistance 2, Motorstorm 2, Metal Gear Solid 4, Socom many other awesome exclusives in 2008.....

The Xbox is gonna get Gears of War 2 but probably not next year but in 2009...lets hope 2008 though because they need a good exclusive in 2008.
Anego Montoya FTMFW  +   2990d ago
i find it truly UNBELIEVABLE when i look at how much 360 DOESN'T have coming in 2008 and how much PS3 does.

especially when 360 has been out longer.

imagine what 2009 will be like for PS.
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Neurotoxin  +   2990d ago
I have to agree the PS3 is the best value, i choose it over the Xbox360 as most things are already in the asking price for the PS3.

However, the Xbox360 has a better library of games, but i gambled on the long run of the PS3 and games coming out.... eventually ;)
SKullDugger  +   2990d ago
Hardware is far more reliable and better built no RROD or DISC errors. and you get a BLU-RAY player.
Afterburn  +   2990d ago
value is an individual perception
we all see value differently. the value of anything can be justified by how much you want the other features that particular item offers. this article is no more than someone's opinion and that can be argued endlessly.
jordan_thomas_thurlo  +   2990d ago
I'm not an Xbox 360 fanboy but this article is obviously completely biased. First he examines the Elite model saying it has the overall better value (I totally disagree). Second he throws in the price of an HDDVD player. I tried watching DVDs on my 360 and had to practically crank the volume up just to hear the movie so why would I blow $150 on a HDDVD player? I also have no need for a wireless adapter (which brings the price down another 100 bucks. And for me personally I am perfectly happy with only one extra controller which knocks another $100 off his price. Also there is no need in my opinion for the intercooler or extra rechargeable batteries (my charger came with 4 free ones). The total cost I calculated out was 459.98. This is 58% of the total PS3 price and basically includes the console, 3 extra controllers, HD cable, intercooler and one game. However to be fair I deducted the cost of the controllers and intercooler from the 360 so if u deduct those from the PS3 the overall price would be 659.97. So the XBOX is 70% of the PS3 price. I think that due to the enhanced abilities of the PS3 it would still be a better longterm investment though.
Ju  +   2990d ago
You could take off another $100 from the PS3 in that case, if you'd go with the 40Gig model.
Salvadore  +   2990d ago
The 360 is for now, but my opinion can change drastically down the road.
HarryEtTubMan  +   2990d ago
Anyone with a brain in their head can understand an extremely defective console is not the nest for your money. PS3 even at 400$..... YOIU GET SOOO MUCH FOR THAT 399$. PS3 wins. and when we look at cosnole figures in 10 years. It will win.
SKullDugger  +   2990d ago
his idea for the total amount of 360's sold is a soild one that people don't wanna wait for repairs so they return them and exchange them or just get a refund and bur a new 360 makes sense.
Emmo  +   2990d ago
Shut up fan boys
What a load of rubbish this article is.

I have nothing against the PS3, I've been waiting for some great games to come out on it to make my purchase.

The 360 has an abundance of great games, the games are cheaper, I don't want all the extras, so I am happy.

Oh year and now the PS3 is not even backwards compatible in the UK, I'll probably never buy one, cheers sony.

I get fed up of Sony fan boys spouting crap on boards because they have too much time on their hands due to lack of games to play.

Don't forget that almost every multiplatform games is developped on the 360 and the PS3 version is usually a poor port.

carry on moaning while we are playing.
littletad  +   2990d ago
Right you are mate.
But don't give up on the ps3 just yet. By the time MGS4 rolls around your purchase couldn't be better justified. At least that's what I'm assuming. But right now, the 360 tops everyone in software.
littletad  +   2990d ago
Crap article
Over $600 for a Wii, their out of their mind. The extra's they add are not even a necessity. Even the ps3 is overpriced, all you need is hdmi cables for "next-gen". Why don't they just completely tarnish their article and add TV's? I'm guessing a plasma would be perfect for the Wii in their data.
aiphanes  +   2990d ago
Actually I am going to have to give the wii a little bit of probs just for the Wii Fit after seeing some of the videos..
That wii fit video of you jogging with the Opra Mii is awesome...and the tight rope video is cool also. The wii is just a different animal...but it will never be is a family kiddie old people non real hardcore game playing machine.....and really never is in direct competition with the PS3 and the Xbox 360....and people need to realize the wii is really an expensive gamecube version 1.5...just think what could have been if nintendo had used some real hardware in the least 720P graphics and DVD playback....and a HDMI port...and a built in harddrive for the bare min.....these days...people do not realize you do not get any of this with the wii and you never will....but you will get some cool ass stuff like wii fit...If what Sony can do with the PS3 hardware for $399...the wii hardware for $250 is a joke...and we all know you can get a 40Gb PS3 for $ for $50 more you will an awesome machine.

Thats why end the end the PS3 is also a different animal only takes 40,000 PS3 to generate a PetraFlop on folding@home....the PS3 has some much processing power that is is sometimes scary...once developers tap this we will see some incredible games....and features. The DVD upscalling on the PS3 to 1080p is the best out there...the Xbox 360 only wishes it could upscale DVDs like the PS3 can. There is just so much more you can do with a PS3.

So me one fully downloadable game from Xbox live that compares to Beats, Warhawk, and High Velocity Bowling?

I am not knocking Xbox live is a good service but the xbox live users are getting fleeced....add it up 7 million Xbox live users and I would say at least half of them have gold thats 3.5 million X $50 = $175,000,000!!!! That is a lot of money each year...and they could have at least updated the Xbox live system with some dedicated servers to fix the lag issues. I am just saying...where is microsoft using this money to make the system better?

If sony gets HOME will revoltionize the online gamming industry...and sony knows this and this is why they delayed it. They know they have the potential to make something great to drive that dagger into Microsoft's heart!

LOL! I am getting off into deep soapbox land..sorry peeps...but hey I do not hate any of you xbots or just need to open your eyes are realize the Sony is comming strong and comming hard.
otherZinc  +   2990d ago
360 by far! If you need proof, look at the software sales.
ChickeyCantor  +   2990d ago
"Which console is the best value for your money? Wii, Xbox 360, or PS3

this is such an endless question,
Its still personal, the best value is still opinion based.

i see allot of you scream PS3 for sure, but why? not everyone is looking for a PS3, a Wii at its price could still be the " best " value.

And this guy is article is so stupid, if you calculate every game with it, how much your energy bill will cost you name it.
it will shake this article up.

plus extra batteries? i don't think so. already have them
extra controllers ? why? 2 will do.
so on and on.
littletad  +   2990d ago
Not too mention...
Wii games are $50. Then again it's $60 for both controller features. But what astonishes me the most is that in less than a year of its console life Nintendo was able to pump out a Zelda, Metroid, and Mario game. Now that's gaming for your money right there.
Robotz Rule  +   2990d ago
Best value for your money?
PS3,nuff said!
littletad  +   2990d ago
Hardly any games that justify that
Yes I know, Uncharted is out and Ratchet and Clank. But look at the sales for Ratchet, it's an indication that even games suited for the core audiences are struggling. Not too mention inferior ports, delays, and lost of exclusives. So exactly where does the "best value" come in?
Xemnas  +   2990d ago
Ps3 all the way good price now good games and you dont have to worry about it stop working/send it in the sony.
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