Nintendo Wii wars

According to online analysis from Hitwise, Nintendo's award-winning Wii console is the most popular search item online for frantic prezzie buyers in the run up to Christmas.

Steve Jobs and co must be reeling too, because despite Apple's huge product releases this year, the Wii had 13 times more hits than the iPod, and twice as many as the iPod and iPhone combined. And Nintendo took second spot with its DS handheld console.

That's a lot or searching. But it's likely been fuelled by the mass product shortages alongside the console's cool credentials, with many shoppers frantically looking high and low to prevent inevitable tantrums come Christmas Day if Santa doesn't show up with the goods.

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CyberSentinel3822d ago

Why do you really think there is such a supply/manufacturing problem with 6 year old hardware? (even Nintendo admits its basically a gamecube)

I will tell you why. Nintendo does not have confidence in its own product. They know this runaway train is eventually going to come to sudden stop.

ChickeyCantor3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

6 years old or not, you think there goes plutonium and nuclear energy sources into the PS3 and 360?

" Nintendo does not have confidence in its own product"
neh you're right, i mean Nintendo took a really really big risk when releasing the Wii.... a Risk that could have damaged them AGAIN on reputation and finance.

they said they wont make a nother Nintendo unless their is a " need " to make a new console, not confident? i don't think so they even taking ads of the television, to reduce the demand.

go figure

he admits its a gamecube? he is only saying its a console with the same structure.
the CPU has a higher clocking speed and the GPU has new render functions.
this already debunks the fact Wii = GCN
they are not equal, Wii is stronger and is able to do more then a GCN.
taking his words directly is just plain stupid even you KNOW that the Wii can do more then the GCN.
so dont even try using that as a arguement

BrotherNick3822d ago

Overconfidence will screw you in the long run...I'm not trying to diss the PS3 but Kutaragi believed that just because it's Sony, it'd sell. I think with a 10 year lifespan of that console it's going at the right rate, I myself intend to buy a PS3 within the next year.

Shaka2K63822d ago

I agree kidtendo doesnt have the balls to make a real next gen. system and put his money where his mouth is? so they sell a new game cube with a new name to make them profit huge rip-off.

the thing is kidtendo doesnt dare to go one of one with a Sony console in terms of price.

n-64 and PSx about the same price and PSx destroyed that POS.
game cube and PS2 about the same price and PS2 again destroyed that POS.

kidtendo is afraid of Sony but now that the wii has flopped, they are going to loose a third time hahahahahaha.
kidtendo needs to die.

ChickeyCantor3822d ago

" kidtendo is afraid of Sony but now that the wii has flopped,"

...when did it " flopped" its still way in front of the PS3......0_o you have mental problems man.

really get help.

DeejayTai3822d ago

How the hell did the Wii flop? It's currently the most sought after THING this Christmas. Not most sought after electronics, not most sought after console. The most sought after PERIOD. I mean, damn man, I own a Wii and a PS3 and I'm rooting like hell for Sony but let's not be a biased prick about it. The Wii is selling like hotcakes, and that is a FACT.

KeiZka3821d ago

Shaka, you fail to amuse me. "Kidtendo" doesn't even sound insulting, it just fails as an insult. And if we are to go to "tif fon tfat, tfat fon tif", do I honestly need to remind you, that Sony won with the weakest console each gen? Funny thing that. See what is happening right now? Oh right. You really cannot perceive things like the normal people do, do you?

wiizy3821d ago

is that really a surprise.. the wii and ds are killing the competition