The return of the Dreamcast: Why it could work

Games Radar writes, "If you've been anywhere near the internet over the last couple of days you'll no doubt have come into contact with a screamingly excited Dreamcast fan or two. They've been nearing ignition temperature on the forums for the last twenty-four hours due to some rumours that a follow-up to the vastly loved but prematurely killed console may be on the way. Rumours that came about due to Sega re-registering the DC trademark, only with a description containing a few key changes to the original format."

"Of course, the differences may very well be a simple result of Sega wanting to protect the Dreamcast name for future use of its games on other formats such as XBLA. And after contacting Sega to enquire about the matter, we were given a resounding "Falsehood" in response."

"But still, we can't help wondering. Would a second Dreamcast prevail after the financial whupping Sega took with the first one? What reasons are there to think that it would be a good idea, and how would the console have to work? It may just be the nostalgic fanboy in us, but as we went on, we found ourselves feeling more and more positive about it, Here are our conclusions."

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BIoodmask3732d ago

I know that Sega will most likely never make a Dreamcast 2, but it still remains one of my top consoles of all time. When I first popped in Soul Calibur I was shocked as to how great the graphic quality was.

It was so far ahead of it's time. When it was released it was competing against PS1 type graphics. It had some truly great games also: Shenmue, Skies of Arcadia, Grandia 2, Sonic Adventure, Record of Lodoss War, FAtal Fury: Mark of the Wolves...too many to list.

Sega was one of the true pioneers of the industry being the first to bring online play to the table, even the VMU was innovative. I knew when Crystal Dynamics cancelled Soul Reaver 2 that things were headed downhill for the Dreamcast. Not long after that other companies anounced the cancellation of support. I still play my Dreamcast to this day and the day that Sega left the console hardware business was truly a sad time to be a gamer.

Mr Arthur Ritis3732d ago

it was truly ahead of its time. first out the gate 128-bit.

PS3PCFTW3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

yeah i had the dreamcast it was nice.......i caught myself playing with the memory cards alot.

the littl minigames and Sh!t

there will be nodc2 though.........its financially impossible for them.
ms and sega could always join forces though, so you never know.

Apple and sony?
sony and nintendo?

its all unreal...until it happens.

lol how many consoles has the playstation killed? what a killing spree.

lawman11083732d ago

this is
Xbox 360's Lost Odyssey Sells 40k in First day sales in Japan while Uncharted for PS3 sells 7k.......hahahahahaha

beoulve3732d ago

Great 4 consoles battling each other.

DeckUKold3732d ago

i would be really mad cause all the money i would have to spend on the system and exclusives

jackdoe3732d ago

Considering the fact that Sega's largest franchise Sonic is down in the sh!tter, now would not be the time to resurrect the DC.

spammy_nooo3732d ago

Any sonic I've played on a SEGA console has been a really fun and top notch experience for me.

That can't be said for A SINGLE SONIC GAME on a console other than a SEGA. For me, anyways.

jackdoe3732d ago

Well, that was before Sonic went into the sh!tter.

spammy_nooo3732d ago

My statement stands.

If they were to put sonic back onto a SEGA console(DC2), they would probably revert back to the Sonic Adventure formula that was so successful on the original DC. Then I'm sure they would continue to take extra time since it would be first party and VERY important. It would mean more than 'just another sonic game.'

jackdoe3732d ago

The Sonic Adventure formula was flawed and that formula is still being followed. Instead of focusing on Sonic, they split the game into multiple perspectives, forcing you to play as Shadow, Tails, Big the Cat, etc. when you don't want to. Putting the game on a Sega console does not automatically mean they'll break this cycle.

spammy_nooo3732d ago

Even though I kinda tend to agree with forcing players to play as other characters being a bad thing, thats is only a small part of the overall formula - a part that maybe should be disposed of.

Sonic Adventure's story didn't take place over a myriad of unexplained levels, but rather in different parts of an explorable city(while still keeping a level-based design). THAT is the main part of the game that needs to be copied. That, and it's simplicity. Jump, Hit, Jump, Hit, SPIIIIIIN! None of this sh!tty telekinesis stuff that Sonics of new have adopted.

And Sonic Adventure must've done something right or it wouldn't have the fans it does. Or gotten the reviews it did, for that matter.

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spammy_nooo3732d ago

I know I'll regret it later, but I think I'm going to go ahead and get excited for this rumor here.

The Dreamcast came out when I was only 8 years old, and was my very first 3D gaming console(got it day one XD). I can contribute my current 'hard-core' gamer status almost solely to the Dreamcast.

To this day I have my best buds over to my house to eat junk-food and play Power Stone(1&2) for hours on end. Good times, good times...

In any case, if DC2 was to come out, I'd be willing to camp outside for it. If you knew me, that'd suprise you. I hate camping AND waiting. especially waiting outside...but I'd do it. the DC changed my life and is even influencing my career choice as I decide where to go to college and what for.

Sorry for the biography here. Its just that the DC brings back so many memories it's hard to keep the floodgates shut, ya know?

LeonSKennedy4Life3732d ago

Bubbles for saying the word Powerstone!

spammy_nooo3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

Bubbles are always good!

HEY! You said it too!!!!!!! BUBBLES!!!

Same here, but I went to a used video game store(cgx) and they sell them for about 30$. They've got tons of 'em too, where I live anyways. I bought two and gave one to a friend :)

solar3732d ago

i went to an arcade in Cedar Point....messing around killing time, and i got to play Power Stone with a buddy that was with me. o.O i went home, researched, seen it was coming to the Dreamcast, bought it when it came out. i loved it. buddies and i would get buttass wasted and play Crazy Taxi with the steering wheel and pedals. man it was fun. i had a bunch of games, Shenmue an stuff but the thing broke after Sega killed it. i never got it replaced or fixed. sigh....

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