PSLS: Best Shooter 2011

Battlefield 3 was exactly what people were expecting it to be leading up to release – a deeply satisfying war game. As with its predecessors, it showed the competition what war simulation really means with its cast of vehicles, large maps, and heart-pumping audio.

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josephayal2467d ago

the best Shooter is KILLZONE 3

Stewie2k82467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

Killzone is one of my favourite games but its not better than battlefield 3 in my opinion.

Although i will say this; Killzone 3 > MW3 :)

Play2Win2467d ago

Killzone 2 > Killzone 3

Euthanasia782467d ago

I love Me some Killzone 3, but I gotta give this one to BF3. BF presents moments online that make my jaw drop. The graphics, physics, destructibility, animations, sound are all current tech. MW is built from the COD 2 engine from the 360 launch in 2005. MW has worn out it's welcome in my house, but I say to each their own. Ppl can buy MW and Justin Bieber all day. I'm all set.

Oschino19072465d ago

Broken record is broken...

remanutd552467d ago

my best shooter 2011 is Resistance 3

SoapShoes2467d ago

Yup, mine too. It was just different from every other shooter out there.

dinkeldinkse2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

But it has more to do with the bar being repeatedly lowered by competition rather than Resistance 3 being a great game or even a very good game.

Edit: I agree, Garaunimo.

kramun2467d ago

I'd go with Crysis 2. A solid experience with more bang for your buck than the rest. At least on pc, I don't know about the inferior versions.

Hicken2467d ago

They were inferior, which is why the game shouldn't be included.

I really hate when people go, "Well, the game was superb on X console, so that's the only one that should be counted." If you have crappy or subpar versions of the same game, those less than stellar iterations don't just disappear because it's standout on PS3(for example). The same company made all versions(usually), so it's stupid to praise their one GOOD version and COMPLETELY ignore the SUCKY ones.

one2thr2466d ago

Crysis 2 only had about 12 guns, with different attachments such as scope..... Battlefield 3 is my choice
Sound, graphics, animations, physics, and destruction.....

SolidGear32467d ago

Killzone 3, Bulletstorm, Resistance 3, Rage, Crysis, Crysis 2, Duke Nukem Forever, F.E.A.R. 3, Homefront, SOCOM 4, Red Faction: Armageddon and Warhammer 40K: Space Marine all kicked @$$!