PlayStation's Retail Advantage

PlayStation products are getting an extra push at the nation's biggest retailers like Target and Walmart. Sony has hired a number of representatives to be available for consumers to answer any questions about PlayStation products they may have. Little did we know that this has actually been going on for years. During the always busy holiday season, Sony gives the program an extra boost.

"We believe that this program has had a very positive impact on sales of all PlayStation products, as well as continue to deliver a valued service to our customers," Susan Karbaf, Director, Retail Activations, Sony Computer Entertainment of America, explained to IndustryGamers:

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fei-hung2546d ago

I noticed comething similar here in the UK when I went into Tesco. Every TV at the store was running a Sony advert advertising their TV's, BRP's, PS3, Tablet, Home Cinema and mobiles with the extra incentive of getting £150 cash back.

Good news for me is I get discount at John Lewis so I will be picking a 3D TV up with an extra £150 off muhahahaha