Battlefield 3: Now Only 29.99 - For 2 Days Only

Starting tomorrow 12-24, 2011's best looking shooter will receive a discount that reduces the game to just 30 dollars. If you haven't taken part in Battlefield 3's latest war, this would be the best time to do so. According to the info provide to us, it doesn't look like this deal is available at retail. The 50% discount EA is offering can be had at Here are a few more details.

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Trunkz Jr2545d ago

+ Back to Karkand = $45 (which is still better then $75).

Dojan1232545d ago

This game hit the 50% discount pretty fast. I guess they will make it up with DLC people will want to buy after they get it and enjoy it.

JoeReno2545d ago

I was trying to understand if this is just for PC direct download or will ship out hard copys of the game aswell