PC Gamer: Star Wars The Old Republic review

30 minutes had passed since my insectoid ally had asked me. It was a simple question—did I intend to resist his claim to this land?—made complicated by the previous eight hours of politics, betrayal, espionage, and war. I didn’t know what to do. After consulting five different people (including my wife over the phone), I reluctantly made my choice on the familiar BioWare dialog wheel and betrayed my always-faithful insectoid allies in order to defend the man who’d just slain his own wife to prove his loyalty. I felt used.

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fluffydelusions2553d ago

Deserved. Such an awesome game.

coolbeans2553d ago

That's something else from PC Gamer. What fluffy said too, it's amazing thus far.

Letros2551d ago

Amazing game, spot on review!

RankFTW2551d ago

This game is probably the most amazing experiance I've had playing an MMO and I've played ALOT of them, 100/100 for me.

silvacrest2551d ago

its certainly an awesome MMO, feels more like a action rpg which is a massive bonus

Letros2551d ago

Yea I was thinking the same thing today, this doesn't have that boring MMO combat, tons of abilities, not a lot of cooldowns!