Marooners' Rock Review: Chrono Cross (PSN)

Chris writes: "Square (now a part of Square Enix) was responsible for some of the greatest JRPGs (and, some may argue, RPGs in general) that have ever graced our consoles. Having found both critical and commercial success across a variety of titles including Final Fantasy, Xenogears, Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, and more, there is no denying that Square knew what they were doing, and did it well. Arguably one of their most worthwhile efforts (read as: ONE of their most worthwhile efforts, not necessarily their MOST worthwhile effort) was the sequel to their critically acclaimed Chrono Trigger: a PSX game called Chrono Cross. Now, Chrono Cross has been made available in its PSX form for download on PSN."

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blumatt2522d ago

Yep this and Final Fantasy 8 are great PS1 games.

coryok2522d ago

this game has such great ideas in it, they should give us another chrono game ... :)