Final Fantasy XIII-2: Details on The Xbox 360 Exclusive Content

When the original game in the RPG series launched, the sales of the game on PS3 showed a huge advantage for Sony and Final Fantasy XIII on the PS3. To ensure that the follow-up to the game is better than the original, and has a balanced offering on the Xbox 360 and PS3, SquareEnix and Microsoft have joined forces to offer some exclusive content in the form of DLC.

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NukaCola2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

It's a weapon for 80msp. I wonder how much Square Enix took from MS to add this in. I tell you SE really doesn't have their priorities together and MS is just wasting money with them. But this makes sense, SE is the publisher of COD in JP. They seem to love getting paid for publishing rights rather than profiting of their own efforts. I don't know what is wrong with how SE runs things, and man I miss the Squaresoft days. I don't think SE has made anything ground breaking at all in the 6 plus years they have been together or whatever the time has been. A few decent deals on PSP/DS but nothing worth anything on console and nothing at all memorable.

OmegaSlayer2547d ago

This exclusive is idiocy.
Would people prefer to port their saves or have a silly content.
This gen Sqaure-Enix is the definition of idiocy.
They didn't make anything right.
Worst software house of the latest 5 days.

TBM2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

still buying it for ps3 since thats where i beat the first game. an exclusive weapon is not going to make me buy it for my 360 lol.

they have got to get rid of Wada at all cost before this once proud company is completely destroyed.

Magnus2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

They should have just made the bow a preorder bonus when a person preorders the game or throw it in with the game no charge. I bought Saints Row 3 and got the cat costume and the cat car for free with my copy of the game. Making people pay for a bow is lame. I bought Batman Arkham City and got the different Batman suits for free.

Basjohn2547d ago

All exclusive content is retarded. Do gamers ever win with it? Nope. Just one more piece of each game blocked off and stripped down.

jneul2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

yeh this dlc will probably come to ps3 a few months down the line, big woop, its just like all the other times ms wasted their money just to get something exclusive, only for a company to backtrack and make even more money....

SeanScythe2547d ago

The exclusive content is you get 4 cds when the ps3 only gets one.
MS= More Content
Sony= Less


_Aarix_2546d ago

Ff13-2 is one disc on both PS3 and xbox 360